"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Militants Poised To Seize The High Ground Of The Divide In Denver.

The Continental divide resides seamlessly and unseen atop the crest of the Rockies in Colorado. In the towering peaks, rolling clouds and mists of the majestic peaks one can see and feel the magic and the natural beauty of America. One is at peace in their presence, a hypnotic trance-like peace.

Shortly America will be shaken from that peace as certainly as an earth quake shaking the streets and structures of Denver. It is no longer a question of whether there will be confrontation in Denver; the questions now are: “How bad will it be; what will be the fall out; what will it do to the Democratic Party?”

Denver will be divided in every imaginable way. Forces for peace championing our withdrawal from Iraq and the prevention of war in Iran, forces advocating for all manner of admirable social causes will be decked out in colorful displays of clothing and buttons with a collage of signs banners and posters held on high, all determined to make their voices heard on the issues of the day in peaceful “ritual-routine-party-festive-like” assembly, but those of whom I have written many times before who will move quickly to in-your-face positions with law enforcement and containment barriers will have none of that.

They come in spirit of Guevara coming down from the mountains. They will be chanting…”68-08 it’s not too late”! They are prepared, organized, determined and prepared to pay the price. They have been burning up the Credo phone service in feverish last minute preparations and will be on scene well in advance of the announced activity agenda of Re-create 68 and allied groups.

And like the 60s/68; local preparations and anticipations are inadequate to the task ahead. America slumbers in its hypnotic, timid trance of fear with even agents of change, advocates for the reclamation of America playing by the prescribed rules of the establishment. It is political theater at best and political theater at its worst…meaningless and ineffective now.

A nation on its knees has accepted its impotence, quietly and without shame tolerates and accepts lies as necessary truth, turns its back on torture and by its inaction condones genocide and the right of its leaders to be war criminals and to proclaim they are above all law.

Wake up America. No party in the streets, no routine corrupted election of co-opted officials is going restore even one iota of a chance to undo the damage this administration has done or to the reverse the long accumulation of Executive power that has us perched on the edge of an American Fascism government. You say we’re there already; then why are you still fiddling around within the system and manipulated by it? Everyone is scurrying around like drowning rats on “The Good Ship America” trying to prevent H.Con.Res. 362. From being approved in the hopes that preventing a permission to blockade Iran will prevent the escalation of wars in the Middle East.

While I applaud those attempts and have signed onto every requested message to be sent and have dutifully made my phones and trips to the House; everyone should have their eyes wide open to the knowledge that if Israel and Bush decide to act against Iran, in whatever
manner; they will do so with or without the sanction of Congress or the citizenry of this nation, and that is a fact!
That is a fact because no one will do anything. And please don’t give me the line that: ”If he attacks Iran, we’ll Impeach him.”, because the world, let alone this nation will be such a catatonic state that Congress will be cowering in the corner sucking its collective thumb waiting for Bush to tell them what they MUST do next!

We are indeed far down the Fascist path and that remains to officially legitimize its form in the next national conflict, and I would suggest that conflict may well erupt in the streets of Denver and Minneapolis. Those who have some strange idea that they are going to harness “The Energy of Denver” into some fit instrument to parade along afterwards into the Fall and into DC are naive.Those voices currently mouthing such words will for the most party disavow and turn on the militants who are about to emerge like Judas turned on Christ. They will oppose the system and its power only so far and not one step further. Denver will not be the place for those comfortable with words, meetings, petitions, phones, fax and emails.The militants of Denver are Street People! They are coming again and this time they do not come with the innocent idealist anger of the 60s; they come prepared to shake the Rockies; they come prepared to be the divide and to seize the high ground in the battle to take this land back!

In the 60s America was more prepared for the outbreak of civil unrest than it is today, but even then the forces for change were woefully under estimated. Today it is worse as that element has been silently seething lacking the multiple elements of social ferment that characterized that time. They organize now as a military of militants and they have had much time to prepare! There are several independent smaller militancy oriented factions below the radar that will quickly find friends, merge and blend in Denver as the fermenting brew boils over the top of containment. Beware “The Great American Divide” is about to become visible to all!

“68-08” It’s not too late!”

There are those Americans who will no longer tolerate and accept the abuses and possibilities
presented below. They are tired of talking about them; they want them stopped and those responsible held accountable to ever law that they have defied and broken!

Bugliosi: forget impeachment

Vincent Bugliosi lays it out: Forget impeachment. Try Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and all the rest for murder.

Former LA Deputy District Attorney, who successfully prosecuted, dozens of murder cases, makes the case that George Bush is indictable for murder.

Any state or city that had a citizen killed in the course of the Iraq War is eligible for pressing charges and bringing these lying psychopaths to justice.

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They Were Above The Law

I think everyone knows what has to happen and that most people are either in denial or don’t have the courage to go there because there is too much to lose. It has been often said that when a person or nation comes to a standstill and is merely treading water in the pages of history; it is about to drown. Were about to go down for the third time: Afghanistan, Iraq, and if you feel a hand on the back of your neck trying to hold you down for the third time; it’s called Bush and Iran! Now What the hell are you prepared to do about it?