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Saturday, August 9, 2008

For The Colorado Bound Sam Henry Team and anyone else interested: The final Computer System Set Up and Video Preparations.

Well here goes. It’s been a great day. We’ve had supper and now the test to the “outside world”. We have no doubts.


In answer to a question raised a few days ago. The Vehicle Group (most of it) will be on the scene in Minneapolis also, and what becomes of all of this beyond that is an unknown. It is the property of our benefactor/patron and will be returned to his possession for what future use; we do not know. Maybe it will become another road travel representative for peace, change and the reclamation of America in the vein of The Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus. Only time will tell.

Note: A good number of today’s workers favor SpyBot Search And Destroy as a defensive tool thus it was installed as a (*) on the wireless remote external drive. I have used the program in the past without problem, though I would make this Comment: It is a ruthless performer and should not be used by the novice, and never should one automatically clear its findings without examining the files suggested for deletion. I was unaware that it was now Vistas compatible and we had no difficulty with installation and a first test run.

A delightful surprise upon arrival; some devoted clever members have supplied a neat generator and wired it in unobtrusively to supply the needs of our growing electrical demands. Thinking people are wonderful. What a set up…WoW! And yes all has been accomplished with minimal loss of space in the vehicle. Great planning and execution.

The only problem we had today was with some not too clear WiFi installation instructions. They were overcome and the only thing we are doing now, (for those familiar with the phenomenon) is dealing with all the pop up questions from three programs which have to be answered to tailor the system, so we sit, chat, wait and answer them. We should be done with all this after a couple of computer restarts…no real problem just time consuming, but we have done it! (Ed.)

I’m back, typing this as we go. I just got a yell to make sure I tell all you folks that as much of this installation as possible is wireless and that we are not working in a spaghetti mess of wire in this vehicle. One helluva an installation job has been done and there are damn few wires showing. I think they have had ½ the panels off and run everything neatly out of sight. I am impressed. What a bunch of dumb inept citizens we are. Candidly, everyone is as pleased as punch with their craftsmanship, especially since everything looks great, and it all works!

Late development worth noting for all Vistas Users: It’s been a good number of hours and all the process of the machines and programs loaded in have pretty much settled down in the learning curve of compatibility. There may a few stragglers tomorrow and that would be normal with the heavy load we did today and with all of the fiddling that goes with registration Vistas builds up a terrific load of registry junk which has been cleared away already. But a bit surprising was the fact that we encountered a problem not normally seen for some time, usually only after a series of Vistas’ updates and a pile up Vistas rubble…the message “Vistas cannot down load updates” and the equivalent of the same problem on less husky laptop where the installation of updates just simply fails.

The first problem when this occurs is that the error code leads to a dead end in Microsoft solutions and Internet suggestions are impossible for most owners to safely implement.

The “simplest solution” which I employ all the time and did so again here today is:

1) Click on the big Windows Icon in the bottom left corner.

2) Click on “Computer”.

3) Click on “Local Drive [C]”.

4) Click on “The Windows” Folder…It won’t bite!

5) WOW look at all that stuff…Find the “SoftwareDistribution Folder” and click on it; really.

6) Find the “DataStore” Folder and click on it.

7) You will see a “Logs Folder” and below it a file [DataStore.ebd] and some unreasonable number like 19,564 KB.

8) Delete it! Garbage file!

9) Click on and open “the Logs Folder”. Typically it will contain 5 files beginning with the gear wheeled Icon File ebd.chk, which if you place your mouse cursor on it, you will see “Recovered File Fragment-etc.”.

10) Delete all files in that folder, close out, and if you had the “can’t download updates” message popping up from your icon tray; in about five minutes you get the regular update pop up and all will be well. If your laptop does not give you that response and you have go to the Windows Update panel where your earlier “evil” failed message was seen, all will look well and you can update now. BUT….

11) You may be surprised that your machine really did update and the message was a false negative…forget about it; your machine is now ready for the next round of updates. Laptop with smaller memory capacity and hard drive capacities may experience this problem every time. Ain’t Vistas Fun?

12) Don’t worry about the deleted files in “Logs”. The log file recreates every time you update, and that is part of the systemic problem with Vistas. Enough!

System Test From The Sam Henry And A Test Of A New To Me Clippings Service.

But First this:

Countdown to Crawford: Impeach Bush Crowd Dogs Pelosi's Book Tour
By Chip
Countdown to Crawford:
Impeach Bush Crowd Dogs Pelosi's Book Tour Johanna Neuman | LATimes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat who last year became the first woman in US history to be elected speaker, ...
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Democratic Party Platform Reads Like A Republican Party Document..What Trash

The references to Iran and the assertion of the right to go to war even when it's not in self-defense (read "preemptive war"in the tradition of Clinton in Kososvo and Bush in Iraq.) And see the assertion of wanting to control the fuel cycle instead of phasing out nuclear power. The language regarding Iran is intolerable. The platform reads like a “High Noon” ultimatum. It has nothing in common with the following, which is a representative quote from the Obama website at http://www.barackobama.com/issues/foreignpolicy/#iran

It’s a damn good thing that the platform is ignored by most candidates 60 seconds after its adoption, but the media will have fun with it!

Georgia reports new air attack near capital (Good way to shake the rust off the Russian Military in case it needs to go to the aid of Iran)

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Blacktop & Kickball

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McCain's New Hillary-Powered 'Maverick' Ad

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By Tommy Christopher SEN. OBAMA: Since coming to Washington, I've believed that the right approach begins with the proposal put forward by Senator Lieberman and Senator McCain.- (Sen. Barack Obama, Hearing, Committee On Environment and Public Works, U.S. Senate, 1/30/07)

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By Deanie Mills Disabled American Veterans Key Votes--McCain 28% Key Votes--Obama 92% Vietnam Veterans of America Key Votes--McCain 37% Key Votes--Obama 92% Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Overall Grade: McCain D Overall Grade: Obama B

Interview With a Disgruntled Hillraiser

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By Mark Noonan I would say that all Democrats are not created equally and all Republicans are not created equally. George Bush and John McCain are not the same. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not the same. And so to label Bush as the same as McCain is sloganism. John McCain is about as centrist a Republica...

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By The Huffington Post News Team Obama was referencing a dig at McCain from earlier in the day. As CNN reported Tuesday: At a nuclear power plant in Michigan, McCain himself made the claim that "Senator Obama has said that expanding our nuclear power plants 'doesn't make sense for America.'"

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By Seth Grahame-Smith Paris Hilton just made John McCain her bitch. In less than two minutes, she accomplished not one -- but five things McCain himself has been unable to do in two years of campaigning. She just made John McCain her bitch. 5) Say the word "Hilton" without the preface "Hanoi."

Emily Pease: Uncle Bubba for President

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By Emily Pease If they'd withstood physical torture, would the torture have made them more heroic? Would they have then become icons of American courage, like John McCain? Apt candidates for the U.S. Senate? Potential politicians, able legislators?

Sterling Greenwood: Rice Wiggles On McCain Before Tickling The Keys

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By Sterling Greenwood Major Republican foreign policy thinker and Bush Administration Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is neither campaigning for nor endorsing the McCain candidacy. Have you been vetted yet as a possible running mate for John McCain?" Walter says.

After McCain Ad, Obama Dumping Defensive Game

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By Jason Horowitz The counterattacking communications strategy that got Mr. Obama through his nomination battle against Hillary Clinton is, for the moment at least, gone. It broke down in the face of last week’s withering character attacks from an increasingly disciplined McCain campaign.

Mccain Watch: A Campaign Of, By, And For Big Oil And Its Lobbyists

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Randy Scheunemann, Top McCain's Foreign Policy Advisor, Lobbied for BP Amoco. From 1999 until 2000, McCain's top foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann lobbied for BP Amoco, for which his firm was paid $120,000. Scheunemann lobbied on issues related to BP-Amoco's investments, as we...

Alex Castellanos: The Molten Core of Barack: Why Obama Can't Win

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By Alex Castellanos This is the trap Barack Obama has made for himself, the one he cannot escape, the one Hillary Clinton foresaw, the one that may doom him. The Obama campaign knows it too. In fear the dream is being lost drop-by-drop, they are going negative on John McCain. Maybe the aliens should ask to meet McCa...

R.T. Eby: McCain's Offshore Drilling Hogwash

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By R.T. Eby Republican presumptive nominee John McCain continues to lead the charge for offshore drilling following closely in the footsteps of the president and a few other leading Republicans. President George W. Bush, amid great fanfare, recently announced that he has lifted an executive ban o...

McCain Watch: Mccain Campaign Fueled By The Oil And Gas Industry

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Oil and gas industry donors are rewarding McCain generously for his corporate-friendly policies. McCain has taken over $2 million from oil and gas executives and employees for his presidential campaign -- $1.1 million in June of this year alone.

DNC Memo: Week In Review -- 'A Very Respectful Campaign'

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U.S. News and World Report: John McCain's Negative Attacks Against Barack Obama Hit a Low Mark. "In every presidential campaign, candidates of both parties will say something over the line. Sen. John McCain has already hit a low mark." [U.S. News and

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You Tube | August 7, 2008. This was on
Pelosi’s book tour stop in Coral Gables, Florida on August 8th, 2008. Pelosi speaks about the New World Order and explains how it’s written on the One dollar bill. WeAreChangeFL.org Federal Jack.com ...Infowars - http://www.infowars.com

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The Most Important Vote You Will Ever Cast
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Nancy Pelosi Book Signing: Know Your Power, Just Don’t Speak Truth ...
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Arriving at the steps of the Free Library of Philadelphia Tuesday night where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was promoting her book, “Know Your Power,” I was promptly scolded by my good friend, activist Joanne O’Neill. ...
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