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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Impeachment and Emerging Threats Of A Widened Arena Of War And Political Chaos!


Click here: Salon.com Politics |Suskind releases interview transcript

Aug. 08, 2008 | In his new book, "The Way of the World," author Ron Suskind makes a rather stunning claim: The White House, Suskind says, ordered the CIA to forge a letter that provides evidence of a link between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

One of Suskind's sources, Robert Richer, the CIA's former deputy director of clandestine operations, has now denied that he told the author this. So on Friday, Suskind released a partial transcript of one of his interviews with Richer.

In the transcript, Richer describes how he learned of the order, saying:

It came to us, George [Tenet, the former head of the CIA] had a raised eyebrow, and basically we passed it on ... into the organization. You know, it was: "Okay, we gotta do this, but make it go away" ... As I remember it -- and, again, it's still vague, so I'll be very straight with you on this -- is it wasn't that important. It was: "This is unbelievable. This is just like all the other garbage we get about ... I mean Mohammad Atta and links to al Qaeda. "Rob," you know, "do something with this." I think it was more like that than: "Get this done."

The transcript also shows Richer discussing the possible source of the order:

What I remember is George saying, "we got this from" -- basically, from what George said was "downtown ..."

But now -- he may have hinted -- just by the way he said it, it would have -- cause almost all that stuff came from one place only: Scooter Libby and the shop around the vice president ...

But he didn't say that specifically. I would naturally -- I would probably stand on my, basically, my reputation and say it came from the vice president.

For more on the forgery allegation, check out Joe Conason's column in Salon today.

Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote
New York Times - United States
In one Congressional district in the county, John Kerry won 81 percent of the vote in 2004. But even that large margin of victory could not overcome strong ...

ImpeachmentWatch Day 61 (2008-08-09)
By impeachmentwatch
REUTERS: Judge: Congress can subpoena Bush aides. ABCNEWS: Bush Rewrites Spy Laws. FOXNEWS: Bush Says Shorter Deployments in Iraq Will ‘Ease the Burden on Our Forces’. CQ-POLITICS: Kucinich Seeks to Punctuate His Efforts to Abbreviate ...
Impeachmentwatch - http://impeachmentwatch.wordpress.com

(Lieberman cuts $100,000 check to Democrats, apparently in effort to save post) {RAWSTORY - The onetime Democrat who became an independent after facing a liberal anti-war primary challenger in Connecticut has cut a $100,000 check to the Democrats’ Senate war chest, apparently because he wanted to keep his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The Connecticut senator has faced criticism after his refusal to back presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). He’s also allegedly on a short list for Vice President by Sen. John McCain (R-IL), though that seems a longshot.

According to Politico, Lieberman handed over the check because “he wants to keep his committee.”

Liberal bloggers have taken aim at Lieberman in an effort to have him removed from his Homeland Security post, collecting 43,000 signatures and starting LiebermanMustGo.com.

Nancy Pelosi is on a national book tour to promote her book “Know your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters”. Democrats.com is holding a citizen journalism contest. The reward: up to $1,000. The task: get Pelosi to give “a direct and substantive answer to the Impeachment question” and record it for playback on democrats.com.”

Sheehan officially on SF ballot

{‘Peace Mom’ famous for Crawford protests aims to take Pelosi ‘off the table.’}

In Pakistan, Impeachment! in US, No! Pelosi/Conyers Squirm, Bush ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Jay Janson Page 1 of 1 page(s) In an Islamic nation portrayed in Western media as a rather unstable 'developing' nation an impeachment process is ...

President Pervez Musharraf + Impeachment…See All… (I am expecting his resignation and exodus from the country Ed.)

Republicans and miltary men on John McCain


The Washington Post’s ombudsman says the newspaper’s original source for a quote that was used to portray Barack Obama as a megalomaniac now disputes the Post’s negative interpretation that has spread across cable TV, the Internet and even into a John McCain attack ad.

Post ombudsman Deborah Howell also acknowledges that neither Post reporter who relied on the misleading quote spoke directly with the source, checked out its accuracy, or made any independent effort to determine the context of the remark, which was made to a closed Democratic caucus meeting on Capitol Hill on July 29.

In her column, “The Anger Over an Obama Quote,” Howell adds that she has been contacted by about 160 people, including congressional officials, who said the Post twisted the meaning of the quote by taking it out of context. But the newspaper still refuses to run a full-scale correction or a clarification or even print a letter protesting the distortion.

PFAW Right Wing Watch

Greatest Enemy of Impeachment is People Themselves by Sue4theBillofRights

Send Karl Rove to Jail (Read and Help)

"We The People Oppose HR Bill 1955 - S Bill 1959" http://www.PetitionOnline.com/drop1959/

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