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Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Speech | Impeach, Pelosi Implode | Russia Explode | and Bush Manure Loads.

ROSEN: Fairness Doctrine unrealistic (Here Is The Conservative View That You Can’t Do…So…Forget It And We'll Just Have It Our Way!)

By Mike Rosen Rocky Mountain News


'47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV," proclaimed the headline on the Web site of Rasmussen Reports. This was the result of a national poll of 1,000 likely voters conducted by Rasmussen on Aug. 13. The actual question read: "Should the government require all radio and television stations to offer equal amounts of conservative and liberal political commentary?"

I'm not sure which is stupider - the question or the response. If respondents fully understood the question and its ramifications - which I greatly doubt - one thing we could conclude is that 47 percent of the American public is daft. Can anyone imagine how such a policy could possibly be administered? Not even the wise King Solomon would be capable of impartially monitoring, evaluating and brokering the daily outpouring of broadcast content on this basis. And it would certainly be beyond the ability of a politically appointed panel of Federal Communications Commission judges.

Practically speaking, who would define what's "conservative" and what's "liberal?" Even conservatives and liberals don't agree on that. And how could you justify limiting the categorization of opinions, ideas and philosophy to just "liberal" and "conservative?" It's not as if there are only two sides to every issue or argument.

There are countless sides that would have to be presented: liberals, conservatives, progressives, neo-conservatives, paleo-conservatives, libertarians, fascists, communists (with equal time to their various factions: Leninists, Trotskyites, Stalinists and Maoists), anarchists, greens, men, women, gays, transgendered, etc. Bring up a religious issue, and you'd have to include Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Confucians, Scientologists, Zoroastrians, Wiccans, agnostics, deists, atheists, you name it. Where would it end?

That's the easy answer. It would end with the elimination of opinion-oriented talk radio, which is really what this is all about. Left-wing Democrats in Congress, like Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich, aren't content with the liberal domination of network television, higher and lower education, major newspapers, news magazines, the arts and Hollywood. They abhor the success and influence of conservative, radio talk-show hosts. So they've threatened to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, eliminated in 1987 during the Reagan administration. (Ironically, if the Fairness Doctrine were "fairly" applied to CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and NPR, all of those networks would have to fire legions of liberals and launch an affirmative action program to recruit conservatives.)

Yes, the left would lose radio's Air America but hardly anyone listens to that anyway. In exchange, liberals hope to be rid of Rush Limbaugh and company. The assumption is radio station management, confronted with an impossible balancing act and the prospect of endless litigation, would simply eliminate controversial programming. This would also eliminate the kind of interesting and compelling talk radio that attracts audiences. And that would, in turn, eliminate much of AM radio. Most successful music programming has long ago shifted to the FM band. In its stead, talk radio has been the salvation of the AM band. Eliminate talk radio, and the market value of AM stations and their FCC licenses would drop like a rock.

Oh, don't worry about me. I'd find work. Talk shows would still be popular. They'd just shift to satellite or the Internet - unless politicians tried to regulate content there, too. Absurd, you say? FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell recently expressed concern that the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine could include the Internet as well.

When originally devised, the Fairness Doctrine sought to promote political balance during the infancy of over-the-air broadcast media when there were a limited number of radio and television stations. In the modern world of telecommunications, the number of outlets is infinite. There's no danger, today, that a cabal of broadcasters could dictate public opinion. The very notion of government regulation of political content in broadcasting is an anachronism.

Well This Says It Very Simply


August 21, 2008

Pelosi pilloried, garden party for Israeli art and artists


Pelosi Pilloried at American Jewish University Lecture

Rather than praise, which one might expect from a roomful of women and the ceiling-smashing Nancy Pelosi, insults were hurled toward the stage.

"Traitor!" screamed one woman.

"Liar!" shouted another.

One man's high-volume, breakneck rampage got him physically removed from the room. His diatribe, though nearly indecipherable, left Pelosi stone-faced but shaken.

Pelosi, on a break from her post as the first female Speaker of the House, landed at American Jewish University (AJU) on Aug. 11 to promote her new book, "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters" (Doubleay). Faced with an acrimonious audience, one of Congress's most outspoken critics of the Bush administration was lambasted for opposing impeachment proceedings against the president.

During a 90-minute Q-and-A with AJU President Robert Wexler, Pelosi discussed her childhood, her unexpected rise to power and the need for more women in government in front of an audience of nearly 400 people.

When Wexler pressed her on a question about Congress's dismally low 9 percent approval rating, Pelosi defended herself and her colleagues. This prompted an irate audience member to accuse Pelosi of shirking her constitutional responsibilities by not impeaching Bush for the deceptive reasoning that led to the Iraq War.

"I have complete comfort with the frustration," she said. "I'm from the streets."

(Shit! She has no idea of what “In-The-Streets Folks Are All About”. If She did she’d be in Cheney’s Bunker. (Ed.))

But when several others rose from their seats in protest, Pelosi became defensive.

"I take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Don't tell me I don't do that," she snapped. "Why don't you go picket the Republicans in Congress that will not allow us to have a vote on the war?"

What a Crock! (Ed.)

It's puzzling that L.A. liberals were charmed by the likes of Karl Rove, who appeared at a similar event in February, but were hostile to Pelosi, who was visibly deflated by the time the crowd quieted down.

"What else do you have for me?" she asked a bereft Wexler, who didn't follow up on the impeachment issue.

Despite her book's message of empowerment to America's women, Pelosi was pelted as if she were a HARLOT.

Just Reminding You Of The Problem!

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