"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton Continues To Prove That She Ought To Be Driven Out Of The Democratic Party And That She Is Unfit To Be Either President Or Vice President And Certainly Does Not Deserve The Right To Convert The Denver Convention Into “The Clinton II Convention”.

“This entire concept is that it will be a great "catharsis," her point is to “simply” to share her feeling that official acknowledgment of their strong feelings would help unify the party and she stressed it as a way to support Obama's campaign.”

This is an absolute crock given what follows. Let’s see; we place her name in nomination and have a lot of hoopla and we all feel better and unified, and that is based upon the assumption that Hillary will be defeated again in the roll call, and that’s going to make her folks feel all better. What bullshit.

The Clinton’s are as Machiavellian and as devious as we have in our party. If anyone who reads this thinks that Bill is not seething with rage and would not seize ,with strategist the presumed nomination from Obama, given all the calls that have gone out this week to super delegates, using the Florida and Michigan delegates as a base for theft; you are blind and naive beyond belief.

Barack is in a no win situation at this convention as he cannot appear to be anything but gracious to Hillary, when she can place nice-nice and plot the coup, if possible.

The 'top-down' approach in her campaign has left deep impressions as to Hillary's lust for total dominance not only with the party nomination, but to the attempt at political ascension by proxy of Bill's legacy and wresting control of the party from Dean, Pelosi and yes, even Schumer. Everyone is expendable! That argument is substantial.

Hillary Clinton herself suggests this move will be "cathartic," a necessary emotional rush and release that would bring the party together, when that makes no sense save the fact that the media has been selling the line so hard that folks without much thought are being lulled into buying it. It is nonsense; it is illogical.

Can you imagine the anger that will generate with Obama delegates? Can you picture it flowing over like the head on Coors non-union Convention sponsor beer out into the streets and into the hands of the resistance? You have to be mad to risk it, or maybe that is the plan. If they can’t steal the nomination and they can’t blackmail for the Vice Presidency; then what the hell; let’s have “68” again and lose so she is positioned for an easy 2012 run.

As it is now, with a smile and nice supportive words they have stolen Obama’s Convention. She has emasculated and minimized him in her celebration and the Clintonista continue to preach “Obama can’t beat McCain” and here is there last chance to cash in on that line.

You and I know that all this nonsense could have been stopped a long time ago bu Hillary simply standing up and saying: “My Dear Delegates; I am really behind Obama and I release you!” That has not happened and now the media is attempting to fashion a scenario where Hillary will do so with great fanfare in her Convention speech. How romantic; how dramatic; how Egomanical!

Democrats officially will “likely” choose Barack Obama to run against Republican John McCain this fall. But this emblematic move meant to heal divisive primary wounds, having the vanquished Clinton name also will be placed in nomination alongside his during the traditional state-by-state delegation roll call vote at the Democratic National Convention in Denver is not innocent among her fanatic followers.

They still have their knives and their eyes on the prize. Nothing else matters. They are mentally ill as their candidate. Just look at the script.

She gets her own plum speaking slot. So does her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

All that high-profile Clinton action, spread over at least half of the convention's four prime-time speaking nights, ensures an enormous presence for the couple who have been national fixtures in the Democratic Party since 1992 — and whose latest White House bid, hers, split the party into for-them or against-them camps.

Among the risks: past leaders of the party overshadowing the current standard-bearer.

Historically, the roll call has occurred on the convention's third night.

That's still likely, although Democrats say the mechanics of how the vote will play out still are being determined. Oh, Oh!

When it occurs, Clinton — herself a superdelegate who gets a vote — is expected to release her delegates to Obama, announce her support for him and ask her backers to do the same.

Fierce rivals then but wary allies now, Obama and Clinton agreed to put both of their names into nomination after weeks of negotiations. They made the announcement Thursday in a collegial joint statement that noted that some 35 million people participated in the primary and that both wanted to "honor and celebrate these voices and votes." It is a potential mouse trap of historic proportions.

Obama’s critics have indicated they would make their voices heard during the party's Denver party in less than two weeks. One group intends to paper the city with fliers, promote a video detailing what they contend were irregularities in the nominating process and unleash bloggers to give their take on the proceedings. Others, like the pro-Clinton PUMAPAC, had called for such a roll call vote.

Steal the nomination

Will Hillary outsmart Obama and take the nomination at the last minute?

Many of us familiar with Hillary Clinton's approach to achieving her goals refused to believe that she ever gave up all hope of winning the nomination and the presidency. Her words and actions on the subject of the convention itself always left the door open for a return, should Obama falter or suffer some calamity.

Her artful evasions were enough to lull journalists and (more importantly) Obama and his supporters into the presumption of inevitability. No further rumblings of a mass protest in Denver should the first black candidate be denied his rightful due were heard. After all, he received enough publicly expressed support from super delegates to put him over the top. And he won the popular vote in the primaries, we were assured, lending legitimacy to the super delegates who voiced their support.

Everyone presumed the presumptive nominee was a lock.

Now there are a few signs that Hillary may be making her move.

- Blogger Patterico alludes to the Hillary Clinton campaign burning up the phone lines to the super delegates.

- Bill Clinton told ABC News, "I am not a racist" and contended the race card was played against him. Even when prompted in the same interview to state that Obama was ready for the Presidency, he did not deliver.

- Hillary's PUMA ( short for "Party Unity My A--.") supporters in Denver and nationally plan a rally at a Denver park during the convention.

- ABC news reported yesterday that Hillary Clinton does not rule out putting her name in nomination,contradicting earlier press reports.

Many people, including no doubt a goodly number of nervous Democrat super delegates, are asking themselves the David Brooks' question about Obama's standing in the polls: "Where's the landslide ?" After evaluating him for several months, voters in the middle still aren't ready to embrace him.

National polls show not only a tightening of the Obama-McCain race to a statistical dead heat but momentum toward a McCain lead, something inconceivable only weeks ago. The specter of an Obama collapse has to haunt more than a few super delegates.

Buyer's remorse seemed evident and growing among many Democrats toward the end of their primary season when Obama lost again and again to Clinton, even as the delegate math was by then stacked in his favor. That remorse was put on hold (but apparently not resolved) by Obama's seeming to secure the nomination and the subsequent popular boost he enjoyed at first. But lately the candidate with a difference has had a hard time living up to his promise to be a new kind of politician.

According to RealClearPolitics, Obama has 1766.5 pledged delegates, 352 short of the 2118 needed to secure the nomination. He also has 463 super delegates, which puts him over the top -- if they hold. If a combination of Clinton campaigning and nervousness can cause a hundred and twenty or so super delegates to sit out the first ballot, Obama does not get the nomination on the first ballot and perhaps not at all. After that first vote a great many pledged delegates and all the super delegates are free to vote as they choose.

How much pressure could there then be for the forty-seven year old Obama to take the VP spot under Hillary, with the understanding that he would as such be the next Democrat in line for the top nomination whether Hillary won or lost, served one, two or no terms?

It looks like Obama's belief in his inevitability may have led him into a blunder, making it easier for Hillary supporters to prevent a nomination on the first ballot. After that point, anything goes, as all super delegates and many pledged delegates are free to vote their preferences.

After accepting the party's decision last June to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida but with half votes, only days ago Obama said he wanted the delegates to have full votes

Obviously, he said this believing he has won the nomination and that pandering to voters in critical general election states is of more importance.

If the party goes along with Obama's request, it reduces the number of super delegates who would need to sit out the first ballot for Obama to be denied the nomination, opening the way for Clinton! Ouch!

This is proof that the man should not be negotiating with Ahmadinejad. If he cannot think strategically and recognize his vulnerability to a last minute ambush at the convention, he would be eaten alive in big league world affairs.

Worst of all, in his letter to the Credentials Committee arguing in favor of full votes for the two delegations, he writes:

Democrats in Florida and Michigan must know that they are full partners and colleagues in our historic mission to reshape Washington and lead our country in a new direction.

These words tacitly argue for acceptance of the popular vote results in those states. Obama cannot see one step ahead, for adding them to the vote count would give the Democratic primary season popular vote majority to Hillary.

There are about three weeks to the delegate voting. Things can still happen or even, as sometimes suspected with the Clintons, be made to happen.

TheHill.com - Plans for Clinton convention rallies intensify

Its goals include: an open convention; Clinton's name placed in nomination ... Marc Rubin, the other co-founder of the Denver Group, said Clinton supporters ...

Frustrated supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) are planning multiple rallies at the Democratic convention in Denver, coupled with television and print advertisements.

The disenchanted Democrats want to express their disappointment with the party’s presidential primary process.

The Denver Group, formed a couple of months ago by two Clinton backers, says it has filmed a television commercial and is looking to air it soon. The fledgling group adds that it has received such a strong response to its scheduled Aug. 26 reception in Denver that it had to book an overflow room.

Meanwhile, another pro-Clinton group called “18 Million Voices” is organizing a march on Aug. 26 in Denver “and nationwide to support Sen. Clinton and advocate for women’s rights worldwide.” It will also be holding “a celebration in a beautiful Denver City park during the day, and throughout the evening on Aug. 26,” according to the 18 Million Voices website.

Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) campaign has been in contact with Clinton aides to come up with a plan that will unify the party as well as honor Clinton and the roughly 18 million people who voted for her during the presidential primary.

But any compromise is unlikely to satisfy Clinton’s most ardent backers.

For example, some of the Denver Group’s goals are contrary to the Democratic Party’s.
Its goals include: an open convention; Clinton's name placed in nomination with no symbolic roll call vote; speeches allowed by supporters of Clinton on behalf of her candidacy; a genuine roll call vote with Clinton as a legitimate candidate; and “no coronation.”

Asked about Clinton last week, Obama said, “As is true in all conventions, we’re still working out the mechanics, the coordination.” When pressed if he would favor a roll call for Clinton, Obama responded, “I didn’t say that.”

Heidi Li Feldman, co-founder of the Denver Group, said, “There is going to be a steady stream of activities for the first three days of the convention” and predicted thousands of Clinton backers will appear at the events.

Feldman said her group has raised between $30,000 and $40,000, enabling it to buy six print ads and produce one television ad. The TV ad is scheduled to run on CNN and during a local news broadcast in Denver the week before the convention begins. The ad strategy for convention week has not been finalized.

[The Denver Group is planning on advertising in The Hill.]

One print ad that ran in Congressional Quarterly showed a picture of Franklin Roosevelt and asked, “Would Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi have kept his name off the ballot?”

The ad noted that Roosevelt went into the 1932 Democratic convention short of the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination and subsequently won on the 4th ballot.

Regardless of any accord Clinton and Obama come to, the planned rallies could become a focus of the media’s attention instead of the heavily scripted themes of the convention.

The Denver Post recently reported that Clinton backers will hold signs that read, “Denounce Nobama's Coronation.”

Clinton and many of her backers believe that, if there is a strategy of recognizing the New York senators’ delegates at the convention, it would be a cathartic experience and lead to a more unified Democratic Party.

During a recent fundraiser in California, Clinton stressed that Democrats must unite behind Obama and said talks are ongoing with the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee about her role and the role of her delegates.

Clinton, whose appearance at the fundraiser was posted on YouTube, did point out that putting her name in nomination and a roll call vote “are the usual kind of process that occurs at conventions.”

Feldman said many Clinton supporters “were reassured and relieved” by the former first lady’s remarks, especially after a media account reported that she had asked not to be nominated at the convention.

Clinton is expected to address the convention on Aug. 26 while her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will speak the next night.

Marc Rubin, the other co-founder of the Denver Group, said Clinton supporters will “absolutely not” be appeased by the speaking slots.

Rubin said there is “palpable anger” at the Democratic National Committee.

Jenny Backus, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee Convention, said the party has become more unified and cited Clinton’s strong support of Obama as the strongest signal of that unity.

“Sen. Clinton is one of our biggest assets,” Backus said.

While Obama and Clinton have said their bitter primary battle is behind them, there is still animosity between the supporters of the two senators.

The person who posted the Clinton You Tube video indicated that he or she had disabled some viewer comments, stating on the site that “Obama trolls have started to post horrible negative comments regarding Hillary Clinton and her supporters.”

Meanwhile, Feldman said she has received nasty e-mails since launching the Denver Group. Feldman, who is a college professor, said one e-mail she received at work was reported to the FBI.

Feldman said she is not disgruntled or bitter, but she has an objection to the Democratic Party’s process. And she stressed that she will not be voting for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) this fall.

“It would be a tragedy for Democrats to lose this year,” Feldman said.

I have written much regarding Hillary in this campaign cycle and I do not take back a single word of it. She is not to trusted; she is not to be believed.

Party Unity My Ass…Pony Up My Award is more like it…it’s mine, all mine!

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Meow, Hiss, Huff I Think I Hear A Cat Fight! Hillary doesn’t want to have to support McCain so she can run again in 2012…too much work; too much waiting and there is always the danger that folks will begin saying things like: “Lieberman and Hillary…”


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton: You Disgust Me.

Dear Hillary,

I have long embraced the notion that when one who aspires to being a political office holder, as opposed to a public servant, and needs the position as desperately as an alcoholic needs the next drink or an addict needs the next fix, they should be rejected.

I listened to your speech given from the communications sheltered New York venue and what I heard were the words of a “Single Issue” candidate; the issue: “Me”, “I”, “Mine” with a few obligatory and manipulative, almost after thought “you(s)” and “we(s)”.

I have no use for single issue candidates and am deeply troubled by the dangerous myopic impact of single issue voters, including “The Right To Life”, Anti Gay and hysterical Xenophobia anti-immigrant crowds. But I am even more deeply troubled and alarmed by what I hear in your words, see in your eyes and the road you have walked in this campaign, a road of deceit, lies, exaggerations, spin, misrepresentations, racism and that “Assassination Card” marks you forever as one cannot be trusted.

Your smiling plastic demeanor cannot hide the rot of your soul revealed in that moment. I shall never trust you or any word you ever utter again. The words “Hillary and Respect” will never again be linked after the period at the end of this post.

The talking heads, babbling pundits and self-anointed political experts will fill the air ways with their dissection of why “The Inevitable” candidacy failed. It really does not need a microscopic examination because in the most basic terms it failed because you are a remnant of politics past, a corporate Democrat, a hypocrite, an egomaniac who tried to pass herself off as a modern Joan of Arc, victimized by an anti-feminist media, (you are always the victim of some conspiracy…this time not the right wing), over confident and boastful to the point of being embarrassing you declared you entitlement, your right to the Oval Office as if by some right of Royal Coronation…and we rejected that.

Your managers, “the business as usual”, manipulators who hold the voting public in utter piss ant contempt as mere numbers to be manipulated by every subterfuge of public opinion formation sucked up your Tom Sawyer White Wash invincibility job in their typical arrogance, matched only by your own; they miscalculated everything from delegate allocation formulas to no preparation after Super Tuesday, after all the sky was to open the next day and behold the shining light gracing the crown of “Queen Hillary I”. It was ordained. Super Tuesday was to have been end game.

The game was to open and finish with a grandstand long distance pass and touch down; you we’re not prepared to have to grind it out on the ground in a 50 state full length game.

Though the nation’s involvement with the Iraq War was waning, the fade did not come fast enough for you to avoid being found in the corner hiding in the shadows of the wrong side of the issue, the Bush side.

Your message never became consistent beyond “I am Woman” and “I am Experienced”. The themes were recast almost daily looking for a resonance that never came. The old parliamentary adage comes quickly to mind: “Confuse; you lose!”

Your financial planning was a disaster and it became so obvious and crystal clear that the tons on initial cash poured into your campaign came in legally squeezed maximum $2,300 checks, one each for the primaries and the general election. This was the coin of the wealthy not the common man. You bought every pontificating pundit and pollster that money could buy and assembled a with brew stew of ego driven planners, schemers and manipulators. The brew was bad and the stench spread as did division and competition within your own campaign.

Your field operation was infected with the same arrogance, certainty, hesitancy, confusion and miscalculations. It cost you $23 million to finish third in Iowa. That should have told you something other than go back to the bank rollers. It did not.

In debate you became the cliché candidate of opportunistic deflection, evasion and non answers. This says a great deal about your own lack of intelligence and native ability…certainly nor Presidential!

You consistently refused to admit errors preferring to simply lie your way out, or so you thought. America has had enough lies with George Bush and you were seen paddling in the same canoe. And in that canoe you started on the long drift down river in steady decline.

One self-inflicted wound followed another undermining every claim you made to foreign policy expertise, and your integrity went to hell with the “Bosnia Fiasco” and hero Hillary was seen as a simple fraud. You started to blame the media, accusing them of sexism, as you have accused so many others of other things in the past, when they began to seriously examine what you were saying. You just couldn’t get away with lying at will any longer.

Surprised, Obama proved to be more than just a traditional opponent, and your usual Clintonista tactics — big-scale fundraising, high-powered political connections, failed in the face of old-fashioned grit and determination and a breath of fresh air calling for change and not more of the same old garbage of the past. You simply were no match for Obama and a candidacy uniquely suited to the moment, the change this nation was thirsting for.

As you faded away you said: "I've really enjoyed the process of being able to go out and see this country anew." But what you have not understood is that this is a country that wants someone new, and not you. It’s not about a woman being rejected; it’s about what you stand for and represent that is being rejected. Marin Luther King Jr. immortalized the words “content of one’s character” and the content of your character has been found to woefully deficient.

"I want to hear from you," you told your cheering supporters last night. "Go to hillaryclinton.com ...and… That was not a moment of unity. It was a moment of further divisiveness.

And so Hillary; what is it that you want that we are all so stupid as to not be able to figure it all out?

You want more money from your mesmerized folk to forgive your debt. The conjecture has already surfaced that you are prepared to negotiate with Barack’s people to buy your support in return for the coin. If that is factual it is contemptuous, and if it is not it should demonstrate to just what gutter depths folks believe you are capable of sinking.

Your seeming quest and obsession to press your case for relevancy at the risk of widening the divide between Barack Obama's supporters and your older, whiter, working-class coalition is seen as a deliberate attempt at self preservation at the expense of all else including the Party. We all take it for granted, that no matter what happens that you will demand a prime-time speaking role at the Democratic National Convention.

Your ego can take no less. I would not extend you that courtesy as we’ve heard enough of your pre-fabricated hollow rhetoric, hypocritical pretentious verbal lint. I am convinced you will say anything to please with no sincerity of conviction. You have no vision but that of you sitting in the Oval Office.

"This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight," you said last night, begging patience of a party desperate to unite. "In the coming days, I'll be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward with the best interests of our party and our country guiding my way." What a pile of rubbish. You beckoned your troops to keep the fires fanned and to serve you, not the party, not the nominee, not the nation. You must really take us for fools.

You are circling like a vulture. We all know that all that matters to you at this moment is retaining some portion of your political leverage. Your “advisers” have admitted that fact privately, eying a spot on the ticket, a convention role and perhaps “other benefits”.

You ran as the establishment candidate against the headwinds of change, a hawk in a party of doves, a Clinton for better and worse, you failed to match Obama's timing. His celebrity was too big, his political savvy too much and Internet-driven ground game too powerful for the candidacy of the '90s. He represents change; you do not; you cannot!

We all know that you want to be president — still — and that you wants the respect you feel you are due and that line that Obama has to respect your voters is a declaration of blackmail.

You have become an ugly transparent obsessed self-serving blot on the party and even your peers are now moving to put an end to your ambitions.

With the final primary concluded barely hours before, top Democratic Party leaders in Washington early this morning ratcheted up the pressure to force all remaining uncommitted superdelegates to make their choice of candidate known by Friday -- and thus end your now hopeless, one-time front running campaign.

In a joint statement obviously pre-planned in anticipation of your continued machinations and timed for issue shortly after you refused to concede the presidential nomination's victory to Barack Obama, who's gained sufficient delegates to clinch the party's nomination, Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and West Virginia Gov. Manchin, chairman of the Democratic Governors Assn., issued the brief statement for unity just minutes ago:

"The voters have spoken," they said, adding later, "Democrats must now turn our full attention to the general election. To that end, we are urging all remaining uncommitted super delegates to make their decisions known by Friday of this week, so that our party can stand united."

Their carefully-worded statement, which does not urge the superdelegates to go one way or the other, is a clear step to force an end your efforts to manipulate and use the voices of the nearly 18 million voters who cast ballots for you in recent months.

Your hand is being forced by the Friday deadline, with no meeting with party leadership. You have worn out your welcome.

The move, quite frankly Hillary, is also a very sly one politically, since it leaves Obama free of any appearance of forcing you to quit and, thus, alienating your millions of supporters and greatly lessens and hopes you had for quick grand meeting with you trying to show America who will be the boss if you are on the ticket…unthinkable.

In exit polls throughout the just-concluded primary season, an unusually high number of your voters indicated they were likely to reject Obama and vote for the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona. That comes as no surprise to me because your followers are rather cult-like in their adherence and there is really no difference between you and McCain on many issues, including the war that will reemerge as an issue in the Fall.

The complete text of the Democratic Party leader's joint statement is available below.

Joint Statement by Democratic Leaders on the End of the Presidential Primary Process

"We have come to the end of an exciting primary and caucus process - the voters have spoken. As the Democratic leaders of the Senate, House of Representatives, the Governors and the Democratic National Committee we commend all of the participants of the 2008 primary process, especially Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, for making this such a transformational election.

"Because of the enthusiasm our candidates have inspired, our party has brought record numbers of voters to the polls, gained millions of newly registered Democrats and now has advantages in states many thought were difficult to win. We are grateful to the millions of Independents and Republicans who have crossed over to vote for a Democratic candidate for President.

"Democrats must now turn our full attention to the general election. To that end, we are urging all remaining uncommitted super delegates to make their decisions known by Friday of this week so that our party can stand united and begin our march toward reversing the eight years of failed Bush/McCain policies that have weakened our country.

"We once again congratulate all of the candidates for their leadership and dedication to providing this country with a New Direction. We look forward to working with them and with all Democrats to win the White House, congressional seats and state capitals so we can deliver the change the American people deserve and demand."

There is no excuse left for HRC to not end this now, help bring the party together and move forward. The longer you delay to gain some negotiation advantage the more marginalized you become. You have lost a great opportunity last night. Let's hope you can stop the narcissistic grandstanding and quickly wrap this up – for your own sake as well as the party's.

I fear you are stuck on obsessive stupid and yet you say you want to do what is best for the party. Prove it. Concede, support Obama, or get out of the party!

And to all other Hillary lovers, if you care that much to vote for the opposition, then that is just as dumb as a spoiled brat youngster taking his football home because he can’t be on the team he wants to be, or play the position he wants to play, or folks don’t want to play by his/her rules. Is that all America is worth to you. If it is you are a member of a cult or personality and your crazed leader is Hillary Clinton. These things do not come to good ends.

Let me close Hillary, with an excerpt from an email I received today that goes even further in angry expression than I have: “She's despicable. Obama is an angel compared to her lowly selfish, bottom feeding, divider, conniving witch self. Leave the country now Hillary. We don't want you anymore. You've shown your true colors. They are bigot black and white.”

Hillary we don’t need you and we don’t want you on your terms. Stop looking in the mirror and asking: ” Mirror, mirror on the wall; am I still the fairest woman of all?” You are not!

In Disgust, Ed. Dickau -50 years a Democratic Party Member-

Ed. Dickau

A Pre-Convention Memo To Hillary Clinton

Salon – USA | Ignore your sniping campaign team. Smart advisors would tell you to give Barack Obama your undivided support from now until Election Day. | By Joe Conason | Aug. 15, 2008

As a candidate in the primaries, you received a lot of truly useless advice from your high-priced helpers -- a situation highlighted this week by the embarrassing release of some of their confidential memorandums in the Atlantic magazine. From the beginning, your campaign seems to have been impervious to wise counsel -- even your own.

First your team of advisors positioned you as the "inevitable nominee," boasting inanely that you would steamroll any aspiring rivals with money and celebrity. Then they failed to understand how vulnerable you would be in the caucus system. Throughout the campaign they misunderstood how Democratic politics has changed over the past decade, ignoring the effect of Bush's presidency and the rise of the netroots.

Bad advice persists when good advice is falling on deaf ears, however. Your advisors and consultants cannot be held responsible for your decision to hire them. Were you to listen to a smart advisor, however, this is what she would tell you:

The question you must face is how to salvage what remains in the wake of defeat. The hour is getting late, but it is still possible to sidestep the pitfalls ahead instead of diving into them.

So let's leave aside for a moment the question of whether Barack Obama actually will win in November. Only fools claim to know the answer, but let's assume that what many of your close friends have reportedly been whispering lately is true -- that he cannot defeat John McCain.

With too many of your supporters, donors and advisors undermining Obama and threatening to mar the Democratic convention -- and with you and President Clinton still permitting doubt to linger about your own enthusiasm for the presumptive nominee -- such talk merely sets you up to be blamed for his defeat in November. Should Obama fall in an environment poisoned by post-primary malice, his supporters will not be quick to forgive -- and the most unflattering caricature of your own motives and character will prevail.

The inevitable retaliation would inflict fatal damage on any prospect of a future presidential candidacy for you or of your someday winning the Senate majority leadership. Rather than making history as the first serious female contender for the presidency, you would be remembered and resented for ruining the chances of the Democratic Party's first black presidential nominee.

Encouraging your supporters to make trouble at the Democratic convention would be a strategic error of enormous proportions, as would any further hints or winks or whispers about the flaws of Obama's candidacy. The inability to control such gestures, which are clearly motivated by emotions rather than wisdom, betrays a lack of mature statesmanship.

Too many of your closest advisors possess no such qualities, as indicated by their incontinent leaking and peevish sniping. And the memos published by the Atlantic show that their analysis of the realities of the campaign was not exactly sharp.

So let's state the obvious as bluntly as possible: If it is true that Obama cannot win, as so many of your disgruntled friends insist, then you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving him the fullest possible support from today until Election Day. Get it? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, in fact, by smothering the recriminations of the primary season in good will and hard work. Then if Obama loses despite your wholehearted backing, that will be the fault of him and his campaign team, and they will have no reason to blame you.

If on the other hand you allow yourself to be perceived as less than enthusiastic and dedicated in your endorsement of him -- and if your activists and donors persist in boycotting his campaign -- then you will be tarnished by his defeat. It is true that your critics in the media may cast doubt on your sincerity no matter what you say and no matter how hard you work, but your task is to deprive them of credibility. (Certainly you've beaten them at that game before.)

Sometimes you seem to understand perfectly well where your own interests now lie; sometimes, not at all. Sending mixed messages is, as always, a big mistake. Being consistent is essential.

None of this is intended to discourage you from placing your name in nomination at the convention, going through a historic roll call on the floor, or basking in the limelight with your husband in Denver. There should be no doubt that you earned those moments or that President Clinton is entitled to address the convention. Those who suggest that Obama will somehow be diminished by a Clinton speech or roll call only emphasize his weakness, an error that his campaign understands.

But when the floor count reaches the point where Obama has won, that will be the last opportunity to end this persistent shadow campaign. That is when one of your most prominent supporters should ask the chairperson to end the roll call and let the convention nominate the senator from Illinois by acclamation. Such a generous scenario would fulfill your obligation to your party and your values and redeem the inspiring speech you delivered on the day that you conceded the nomination.

But it would also be the smartest way -- the only way -- to serve your own political interests. So give some careful thought to what is best for your country, and for you.

Jonah Goldberg: "Obama won't be able to take a shower without fear of" one of the Clintons "prepar[ing] to plunge the knife into his back"

Summary: In a column comparing former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton to fictional horror movie characters Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Dracula, Jonah Goldberg wrote of the Clintons' scheduled appearances at the Democratic National Convention: "Bill and Hillary are back. And forever more, Barack Obama won't be able to take a shower without fear of that curtain snapping back, as a woman -- or is that a man? -- prepares to plunge the knife into his back."

In his August 15 syndicated column, headlined "Nightmare on Dem Street," National Review Online editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg wrote of former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton's appearances at the Democratic National Convention: "Bill and Hillary are back. And forever more, Barack Obama won't be able to take a shower without fear of that curtain snapping back, as a woman -- or is that a man? -- prepares to plunge the knife into his back."

Goldberg also compared the Clintons to fictional horror movie characters Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Dracula, writing: "Freddy Krueger always comes back. Jason re-emerges from the pond one more time. Dracula had so many comebacks, nobody was surprised to see him hanging with Abbott and Costello." Additionally, Goldberg wrote: "If the monster-movie thing is too offensive for you Clinton voluptuaries out there, think of it like this: They're like Richard Gere in 'An Officer and a Gentleman' (who, coincidentally, is hounded by a charismatic black dude but never gives up)." He added:

They've got no place else to go. And I was right. The Clintons are back. The coffin lid has sprung open, the seal of the crypt has been broken, the mutant virus has escaped the lab. Both Clintons will speak at the Democratic convention, and Hillary will get her I-told-you-so's. In the horror flicks, it's not that the creatures are impervious to damage, it's that no matter how much you hack them up, they seem to come back again. And again. And again. The Clintons have been horribly damaged, but they press on.

As Media Matters for America has documented, Goldberg is not the first media figure to suggest the Clintons would use violence against Obama and other political opponents.

From Goldberg's August 15 column:

For months now people have been saying to me, "Do you really think they're gone?" "Is it finally over?" "Is the coast clear?"

The questions have been in response to Barack Obama's supposedly yeoman service in putting an end to the Clintons in public life.

My response to those who believe our long national nightmare is over has always been: "Have you seen no monster movies?"

Freddy Krueger always comes back. Jason re-emerges from the pond one more time. Dracula had so many comebacks, nobody was surprised to see him hanging with Abbott and Costello.

Of course the Clintons will be back.

If the monster-movie thing is too offensive for you Clinton voluptuaries out there, think of it like this: They're like Richard Gere in "An Officer and a Gentleman" (who, coincidentally, is hounded by a charismatic black dude but never gives up).

They've got no place else to go. And I was right. The Clintons are back. The coffin lid has sprung open, the seal of the crypt has been broken, the mutant virus has escaped the lab. Both Clintons will speak at the Democratic convention, and Hillary will get her I-told-you-so's. In the horror flicks, it's not that the creatures are impervious to damage, it's that no matter how much you hack them up, they seem to come back again. And again. And again. The Clintons have been horribly damaged, but they press on.

But fixating on the plot is never a good idea with monster flicks. The point is that the story is always the same.

And so it is this time as well. Bill and Hillary are back. And forever more, Barack Obama won't be able to take a shower without fear of that curtain snapping back, as a woman -- or is that a man? -- prepares to plunge the knife into his back.

The Party does not matter to the Clintons; its only a theater stage. The Democratic Party is damn near irrelevant. Just check wher the money is going; not to the Party but directly to the candidates. Hell the party doesn’t have enough funds to implement the brilliant new and improved Dean “50 State” plan and no one is paying attention. They all believe the great landslide is just going to happen…It is not!