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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alert….You Heard It Here First….The BS Is Getting Really Ripe!

The nonsense of where Hillary and Bill are going to fit in at the Democratic Convention in Denver is far more serious than the mainstream media is letting on, or is privy to.

The Clinton forces are determined that:

(1) Hillary is to be given a prime time spot to address the convention with no right of censorship of her remarks,

(2) Bill be accorded the same conditions prior to any nominations,

(3) That her name be placed in nomination and voted upon,

(4) That her delegates will not release or be released until she is given the Vice presidential spot and agreement is reached to retire her indebtedness.

Ladies and Gentlemen; if you were concerned about what is going to happen in the streets of Denver outside the Convention Hall, you had better become with the blatant blackmail of the party and Barack Obama that has been planned all the while Hillary has been playing nice-nice in public.

The scenario was welded into place days ago and the first media signal given was Bill’s recent: “Not quite endorsing Obama” interview.

The phone has been ringing off the hook here the last six hours as all my consultant friends have been getting the same message as I have gotten here in Alexandria/DC.

The leaking is quite obviously deliberate, widespread and will being a new round of preconvention ferment. Barack has done his best in the last 36 hours to avoid the issue by saying: “that his people are dealing with convention details”. This avoidance will not be possible for much longer and matters should be perking real well by the time that the “Sunday Talking Heads” hit the airwaves.

The Blackmail of Barack cannot be permitted lest you can accept the destruction of his candidacy at best and the undermining of his Presidency at worst…if this does not with other forces simply hand the election McCain.

Have we Democrats found yet another way to lose?

Bookmark this…A major Post Tomorrow as material is developed tonight! (Ed.)

PS…Pogo is alive and well.

While we’re on the topic of “Games Being Played”; let’s set the record straight on the Republican call to come back from “August Recess” to deal with drilling and related energy issues. There are three components of this political charade:

(1) Given 70% support by a duped American Public who does not grasp that any “benefit” of such a move is 10 years down the line when we should not be in that “position of need”. It is a Republican “Safe Haven” political ploy.

(2) Should it come to pass that somehow Pelosi is wrestled to the ground on this one and the Congress does reconvene and does act in the affirmative; the Showcase in the Senate will be John McCain giving a dramatic, angry “People’s Advocacy Speech” before a Senate with more cheering Senators than have been seen since The State of Union Address. Got the picture!

(3) The mere consideration of such an action is a clear signal that the Oil interests have no intention of being a party to any sort of new energy policy on the part of this nation and they stand prepared to kill any such efforts content with killing for oil.

(4) Given the oil drilling reserve lands currently untapped; the move is designed to grant the oil companies additional areas of off shore and ANWAR drilling rights before this administration vacates Washington, and the damn thing about all this is; if they pull it off it will be made to appear as a compromise package so Democrats can vote for it in a “cover their asses” strategy that can spin in the election season as “reasonable and necessary”. This is a crock!

It also provides a fine foundation for delaying any further serious actions like launching a “Man on the Moon” type program to develop the “Electric Engine” of the future…the single greatest step to eliminating this nation and the world’s dependence on OIL!

That effort has begun; the steps are small and transitional, but the problems to creating the true new engine of the future have been identified and there are corporations in Germany and Japan doing the R&D to leap frog these transitional vehicles.

The electric car that does not have to be plugged into a wall socket, the battery technology necessary, the fuel cell power plant for such an engine are all doable, and given the fortune that someone, some nation is going to reap for developing the “New Engine: to drive the world…it will be done because it is now on the table.

God, or a reasonable facsimile hereof, I am angry as Hell!