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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Morning After Analysis: 

 Barracuda Barbie In Black Loses To Biden But Doesn’t Land Flat On Her Back, A Position She Is Accustomed To.


Despite 48 hour of media massage of the “expectations story line” dropping the bar flat of the floor for Palin, where if she showed up and pronounced “Biden” correctly; she would be declared victorious eradicating her previous consistently miserable sophomoric moronic performances in favor of spray painting her with a new coat of relevance and a degree of seriousness that she had somehow made a comeback and stopped the growing campaign gap that is now obvious.  (Shut Down Michigan Campaign and the last 48 hours of polling data)


The “neutral media” just has to find some “create-a-story” line that says to America that this race is: “just too close to call”.  The media has, after fact checking determined that both candidates abused some of the facts last night but is loath to list the Palin fibs and fabrications.


Let’s start with the story line that they give Sister Sarah high marks for staying on her game plan, which was?  Nursed and rehearsed, pundit pimped and primed in preparation she was to stay on point talking to that which she had an assumed grasp of, (very little), energy and drill, drill, drill, (popular with deluded pumped pillaged Americans).


She declared that she had no intention of answering the questions put to her because she other “more important maverick things” to talk about like increasing the powers of the Vice Presidency.  Damn has she not heard of the Constitution?  OH, excuse me; the Republicans have discarded that old piece of paper and assumed that they have the right to fashion, however they choose, the nature of “the New America”.


The obvious tactic was for Sister Sarah to be an attack dog because the media had been warning Biden all week that he couldn’t beat up on Palin.  That would be dangerous.  It’s that stupid sexist thing of she is a woman and it is unseemly for a man to reduce a woman by argument, raised voice and ridicule by way of the facts to a fallen embarrassed humiliated failure.


The Biden prepared Joe to avoid that problem very well.  He attacked the Bush record, the Bush policies and offered the correct challenge to Palin to simply tell American how a McCain/Palin administration would change, be different, and somehow we got off what Palin did as mayor of Wasilla.  Oh well.  


Post debate pundits, self-appointed, self-anointed, media-designated experts, all myopic, moronic spin meisters and partisans sticking to their evening assumed story lines did their damndest to declare Palin the victor, but the public said otherwise and declared Biden the winner!  How could that be?  What is wrong with the public?  Aren’t they listening to us and what we are telling them to believe? NO!  The pontifications of these self-important, self-impressed idiots are amazing.  They really believe that we are going swallow their drivel and verbal lint verbatim.  What egomaniacs.


Media Evaluation “F”!


The debate was not a Gibson/Couric embarrassment for Palin.  The Palin Package was all about “style and image”: the friendly, likeable, passably sexy attractive, cutesy, folksy soccer/hockey mom who would be fun in a barroom with “Joe Six Pack”.  I’ve got a few less than elegant, articulate things to say about that media hyped sexy persona. First the media has to hard up to be so hung up on the matter.


Second; Cutesy doesn’t cut it when the pocket book and wallet are on the table.  Third; when I hear guys talk about Sarah the sexy, the talks gets rather crude, base and locker room prurient.  Most guys, the “Joe Six Pack” barroom and sports restaurant variety would entertain the idea of a “roll in the hay”, bedding her, hardly the stuff of political endorsement and support, let alone acceptance with respect. 


I heard one fellow put it this way, and he was not inclined to a fantasy “Sarah Sexual Experience”, rather a more intelligent type, albeit not without a nasty sense of humor, and he said: “Can you image fucking that God Freak?  In the middle of having an orgasm she would probably be screaming: “Oh God yes! Oh God Yes! Oh Dear Jesus Yes, Yes, Yes!”  And that’s what I hear on the streets, and that’s where the voters are.


The debate was less a debate than it was a “Two Planet” play, because Joe and Palin certainly were not on the same planet very often. Joe was post debate faulted for not filleting Palin after the media had been cautioning against it all week. Talk about perverse and perverted; give that award to the media. Another way of looking at last night would be to liken it to a movie theater and Biden was playing theater #1 and Palin in theater#2.


Joe started out in a very controlled, professional, confident prosecutorial style and slowly moved up the emotional ladder nicely, and when Palin waved “The White Flag of Surrender” on the Iraq mess, and she didn’t see it; Joe hit full stride and the torrent of “how would a McCain/Palin administration be different” hit the fan and Joe’s talking point script was rolled out.


Palin wanted to do “her thing” and Joe was prepared to ignore her for the most part and focus on the issues, which he did well as post debate polls gave him a 98% approval rating on that component, and therein was the victory.


The voter may find Palin an entertaining curiosity but they are not looking for entertainment in the White House, nor a Vice President seeking to grow the powers of the Cheney Vice Presidency.


Summary:  Sarah Palin was well nursed and rehearsed with typical talking points, sound bite quips and her personal sense of “humor”, all image-no substance in a purely contrived presentation or act.  She didn’t know that Civil War General McClellan has been long dead and not in command in Afghanistan, and thank you Joe for not going there.  He didn’t have to the media rushed to that one.  And when Joe was shocked up in a personal moment we saw something of “The Real Sarah Palin” in her non-recognition of what had happened; she wasn’t even paying attention.


Oh my; it’s all about me, Sarah Palin.  The script was flawed!


The decision: Joe Biden wins the race of “One Heart Beat from the Presidency and the Black Barracuda from Wasilla is banished to the cold fish waters off Alaska!


And she has other problems!


Prominent conservative columnist Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket, saying of her recent interview with CBS's Katie Couric, "there's not much content there." She also called Palin "clearly out of her league." And this from a woman who, just a few weeks ago  praised Palin, saying she showed "strength, conviction, determination, confidence."


Now, even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement: (Contained within the widget below)



John McCain Is More Of The Same and Joe drove that home in a competent, consistent well-informed professional confidence insuring manner. Palin did not change the dynamic and now the campaign falls squarely on Old Man McSame shoulders the rest of the way.  Michigan has fallen and today’s polls indicate the Ohio may be next, and if that happens McCain will be in full collapse!  McCain/Palin/Failing!


And That’s A Wrap!


PS:  As Today is going to be mostly a waiting game as the House attempts to do “Something”; I have had a number of requests that I will attempt to get posted up as the day wears on.