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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Now Linked as ACORN Supporter and That’s A Fact! From Ballots To Banks, Bailouts And Bullshit In The News: If You Can Call It "The News"!

US nationalizes banks, candidates talk economy

It Is Time To Watch People’s Words Very Carefully!

US President George W Bush made the radical announcement on Tuesday of the partial nationalization of the nine of the nation's leading banks. The move to part ownership by the government, was made to ensure that the banks won't be hoarding their bailout money, but use it to bolster lending -- to each other and to customers.

The Presidential candidates also announced their economic proposals to deal with the current financial meltdown. Barack Obama spoke in Ohio on Monday: "Today, I'm also proposing a 3 month moratorium on foreclosures. (Not long enough)

If you're a bank or a lender that is getting money from the rescue plan that passed congress and your customers are making a good faith effort to make their mortgage payments and renegotiate their mortgage, you will not be able to foreclose on their home for 3 months."

Obama also proposed allowing people to withdraw up to 10 thousand dollars from their retirement accounts without any penalty for the remainder of the year and 2009. (Not Long Enough)

A $3,000 tax credit for every new full-time job created in the US by businesses for the next 2 years. To suspend the tax on unemployment benefits for the rest of this year and next. (Not Long Enough) And to have the Federal Reserve provide short-term loans to state and local governments caught in the credit crunch.

John McCain made his announcement in Pennsylvania Tuesday."On my orders, the Department of the Treasury will guarantee one hundred percent of all savings accounts FOR A PERIOD OF SIX MONTHS. – (What The Hell!)-

I will cut in half the capital gains tax on stocks purchased and held for more than a year from a rate of 15 to 7.5 percent.” (Bullshit!)

McCain also proposed that for 2009 – 2010, those over 59 who take money out of their retirement accounts should only be taxed at 10%.

To Raise the deduction on stock losses from $3000 to $15000, And like Obama, to suspend the tax on unemployment benefits for the rest of this year and next.

The Real News Network spoke to Counterpunch columnist Mike Whitney.

Congress urges swift bank rescue | Purchase of stakes called vital to loosen credit; Democrats want $150b post-election stimulus; EU to inject billions of euros to spur lending

Europe fumes over Wall Street meltdown

McCain Now Linked as ACORN Supporter and That’s A Fact!

Oh what a difference some perspective makes. Ben Smith has a great picture on Politico this great picture

And includes these little tid-bits

"The beleaguered Democratic-leaning community group Acorn sends over this photograph: John McCain, in March of 2006, sitting beside Florida Rep. Kendrick Meek at an event Acorn co-sponsored in Florida.

The immigration event, which other photos show was packed with red-shirted Acorn member, was co-sponsored by the local Catholic Archdiocese, the SEIU, and other groups.

McCain, still spiting much of his party on immigration at the time, was the headliner.

Bertha Lewis, Acorn's chief organizer, said in a statement that came with the photo, “It has deeply saddened us to see Senator McCain abandon his historic support for ACORN and our efforts to support the goals of low-income Americans."

”We are sure that the extremists he is trying to get into a froth will be even more excited to learn that John McCain stood shoulder to shoulder with ACORN, at an ACORN co-sponsored event, to promote immigration reform," she said."

Then there is this:

ACORN to McCain: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

The facts again: All registration groups must turn in registration forms believed to be false or not. This is because some groups in the past have turned in ONLY registration forms for one party or another, which cheats D's or R's who think they have registered to vote but who have not. Therefore many states and counties have laws about this.

What ACORN does is turn them all in, as they are required to do. This means that yes... many registration forms that are suspicious or incorrect are submitted. To make this easier on Boards of Election that have a huge volume of forms this time of year - ACORN sorts through them for the BOE's. They are under NO obligation to do this. They verify every single form through the Social Security database and through the DMV. The ones they cannot verify through these means are contacted by ACORN. If they still then cannot verify them ACORN puts them in a special stack flagging them for the election officials.

Then, when these are submitted to election officials they are sorted - "Verified" and "unverifiable" to make it easier on BOE's. These new facts about questionable registration forms were not uncovered by Republicans raising questions, they were uncovered by ACORN who willingly say to BOE's - these are suspicious - we don't think these are real people, but we are required to turn them in.

How ACORN does business and how they pay people based on registration is up to them. I'm not in a position to criticize anyone for how they do their registration drive. The reality is that they have registered 1.3 million people who are valid, for which I am grateful. I would rather have another 1.3 million people that BOE's have to sort through than not have those new 1.3 million people not be registered to vote... because ultimately I believe in universal registration. I believe every citizen in this country should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18; whether or not they exercise that civic duty is up to them.

At the end of the day - I don't understand why these Republicans are opposing people who are valid registrants and who deserve to be registered to vote.

I also don't understand why people are calling Voter Fraud when these "fake registrants" have already been flagged as suspicious by ACORN and again by BOE's - thus they will not be on the rolls election day. Nor will people turn out to vote as those people, nor have we even HAD the election yet. So how can there be voter fraud when there haven't even been any votes cast?

Sorry for the super quick slapdash post, but I wanted to make sure you all saw the new information/evidence.

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5. "Lose your house, lose your vote," Michigan Messenger, September 10, 2008. http://www.moveon.org/r?r=31168&id=14403-5694953-wQTV_Yx&t=9

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