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Thursday, October 30, 2008

 Updating The Political-Election-Voting Issues Of The Day.  Progress In Ohio, Problems Elsewhere, And North Carolina Is Likely To Have An Election Day Melt Down





Charlotte Dennett Radio Broadcast BBS Last Night For Attorney General Vermont





National Briefing | Midwest Ohio: Flagged Voters Remain Nameless
New York Times - United States
By IAN URBINA The Department of Justice will not require Ohio to disclose the names of voters whose registration applications did not match government ...See all stories on this topic



The Department of Justice will not require Ohio to disclose the names of voters whose registration applications did not match government databases, two people familiar with discussions between state and federal lawyers said. The decision comes about a week after a request from President Bush asking the department to investigate the matter.



Lawyers for the Justice Department have determined that

they will not pursue litigation before the election.



Law Enforcement Used to Suppress the Vote
MarketWatch - USA
In a second letter to
 Mukasey and Mueller, Conyers said "it is troubling to repeatedly learn of repeated federal involvement in apparently dubious ...See all stories on this topic  (There Other Serious matters here)


Lawsuits, Machine Malfunctions, and Missing Absentee Ballots Among ...
Democracy Now - New York,NY,USA

Ohio Democratic leaders as well as the ACLU have sent letters to Attorney General Michael Mukaseyurging him not to intervene in the election dispute in ...



North Carolinians Matter for Presidential Race

Overall registration had increased by more than half a million people since the beginning of the year, a phenomenon that can be attributed to overall excitement about the election and also at North Carolina's chance -- for the first time in decades -- to affect the outcome of the presidential election. READ MORE



Election 2008: Democrats Set to Counter Any GOP Gains in South

The Democrats' best shots for such pickups appear to be against a pair of incumbents in Florida and an incumbent in North Carolina, along with an open seat in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington.READ MORE



Lieberman Likely to be Demoted



A Few Congressional Races Could Tell A Lot About the GOP

By Katherine Rizzo

As election results roll in Tuesday night, watch these canary-in-the-coal mine contests to gauge whether the bad-for-Republicans atmosphere is blowing the Grand Old Party down to the ground or just knocking it back a couple of steps.



Charlotte Dennett Radio Broadcast BBS Last Night For Attorney General Vermont





Linguistic Analysis of Obama/McCain Websites Revealing


Linguistic Analysis of Obama/McCain Websites Reveals Missed Opportunities


Candidates' websites communicate campaign messages in language that speaks to base - potentially ignores independents.


(PRWEB) October 28, 2008 -- 7 Billion People, a company that provides insight and behavioral analysis for websites, today announced results from a linguistic analysis of the websites of Senators Obama and McCain, the democratic and republican candidates for the 2008 presidential race. The analysis reveals that the candidates' websites take very different approaches in communicating their messages to voters - potentially missing the opportunity to communicate effectively to those with different communication preferences.


Obama's website uses language that appeals to visitors that are typically goal-driven, optimistic and feel affinity with others as members of a group. It encourages social interaction and works best for those looking for peer discussions and references. The behavior of the website encourages access to many choices and options. In contrast, the McCain website is geared towards visitors that are driven by risk and problem avoidance and who primarily make decisions as individuals based upon "gut feel" and personal choice. McCain's site speaks best to those voters that are comfortable with process and orderly information presentation.


These distinct approaches target the personalities of voters that are solidly in their respective camps and do not take into account independent voters that may have other communication preferences, a key segment of the population that will likely determine the outcome of the election.


7 Billion People has proven technology that analyzes website language and behavior and provides insight to website owners on how to effectively communicate to their audience. In many cases, website designers unwittingly build sites with content that is inherently biased toward a fraction of the potential audience by using language that appeals only to some. Experience with e-commerce websites on developing rapport and aligning content with customers has resulted in over 40% increases in sales on some sites.


Analysis of the language, messaging, and information presentation on both candidates' websites yields telling information about the mindsets of the political strategists behind the communications and how the candidates wish to be perceived during the race.


Key findings include: 


  • The McCain website uses language that emphasizes risk and problem avoidance - such as the section on the Homeownership Resurgence Plan featured prominently on the home page during mid-October 2008 in the final weeks before the presidential election.


  • By comparison, the Obama website offers voters key language on hope and opportunity as the primary focus, with risk items still present but secondary in nature.


  • Democratic candidate Barack Obama's website is designed to appeal to people that use peer opinions and other references in their decision-making process. Obama's website speaks to those that see themselves as part of a group. (For example, the Obama Everywhere section on the home page includes links to popular social networking sites).



  • Conversely, rival John McCain's website appeals to those people who make decisions based on gut-feeling, information and personal choice. McCain's website primarily speaks to the individual, not the group.


  • Senator McCain's website presents information in a procedural, step-by-step fashion that appeals to analytical voters that feel comfortable with process and order - there is a clear path from the initial landing page that features Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to the center panel of the website home page presenting topical videos denouncing his competitor. McCain's website may feel constrictive to some voters.



  • By contrast, Senator Obama's website appeals to voters that prefer choice and exploration of all of the options available to them. The website contains a wide array of menu items and clickable section headings representing numerous choices for visitors that need to feel that they have explored all the options - including a Learn menu section providing backgrounds on the wives of Senators Obama and Biden, texting for campaign updates, Obama Mobile for ringtones and an official iPhone application for the Obama campaign. Obama may be missing the opportunity to talk to voters that prefer order and process on the site.


Mark Nagaitis, CEO of 7 Billion People, said "This analysis demonstrates how the design of a website and the use of language can influence the effectiveness of that site in communicating the desired message. Too many web designers underestimate the power of language in reaching the complete audience, not just their base."


About 7 Billion People

7 Billion People provides software for e-retailers so they can more effectively personalize individuals' online shopping experiences to increase customer loyalty and close rates. 7 Billion People uniquely determines consumers' psychological profiles by analyzing search terms, click patterns and online behaviors, and then provides analysis and recommendations that allow marketers to more effectively understand customers' buying behavior to optimize all forms of marketing communications. 7 Billion People was founded in 2006 and is located in Austin, Texas. 


Evangelicals and Rural Americans Are Breaking Big for Obama

By Robert S. Eshelman, Tomdispatch.com
A mass defection from the Republican Party may be underway in counties that were once GOP strongholds. Call it the reverse Bradley Effect.
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How Much Damage Has Eight Years of Conservative Rule Done to Americans' Psyches?
By Mark Klempner, AlterNet
The Bush administration used a politics of fear to diminish our ability to think critically and to erode our capacity to love. 
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Breaking! Columbus Man Admits Planning Attacks On Secretary of State Brunner




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