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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have You Ever Noticed How People Complained About Voter Apathy And Low Turnout, And Now When Voter Turnout Looks Like It May Be Historic Every Effort Is Being Made To Prevent Americans From Voting…Hummmm?

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Latest Reuters/Zogby poll has Obama up by 12 points, Pew by 14 points, meanwhile a deeply suspect AP poll has it neck in neck with a 1 point Obama lead: turns out their full sample had a 10 point BO lead, while the 70% likely voters were almost tied. Smells like someone wanted to make news with a radically different story, but when numbers diverge that much there is something rotten. Pew is estimating likely 12% black turnout, while AP has it at only 9% from old elections. This is maybe shaping up to be 1964, with a Dem wipeout of a very conservative AZ Senator, though after 2000 + 2004, I won't believe anything until BO is ensconced in the Billy Dom wth an army of Secret Service.


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The election hasn't even happened yet, but the losers have turned on each other.

Sarah Palin wants to be free of John McCain! Mitt Romney wants to be free of both of them. Everybody ispositioning for 2012, and they aren't doing it politely.

After a big loss, it's normal for the losing party to do a lot of "soul searching" -- ha ha, politicians and party bosses have no souls -- and make big statements about What It All Means and Things We Need To Do Next Time. What's hilarious this time around is November 4 is still one last painful week away, and we don't even know the extent of the GOP losses.

Yet this may be the end of the Republican Party, forever.

It would be good, for everyone, if the GOP broke into tiny little impotent factions. Rush Limbaugh says this on the radio every day, and he is the main person certain wingnuts listen to, for Guidance. The furious commenters on right-wing websites say this, again and again and again.

"Good-bye and get lost," the wingnut chorus screeches, "you lousy fancy-talking money-having educated elitist conservatives who read your liberal gay Kenyan books and talk in your communist-terrorist special polysyllabic words!"

(Okay, just kidding about the "polysyllabic" part. That is actually a terrorist-moderate-Ivy League word.)

The defection of well-known conservative writers, politicians and moderates has been noted with seething disgust by the wingnuts, cretins, bitters, poors and racists who see Palin as the second coming of Reagan himself. So Reagan speechwriter andWall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan is "just another phony conservative,"National Review writer (and William F. Buckley's own son) Christopher Buckley is no longer at the magazine his father founded because he's a "metrosexual" who "hates Sarah Palin," and American military hero and lifelong Republican Colin Powell is, obviously, "Benedict Powell ... Race Traitor."

These angry rubes were the "Silent Majority" of Nixon's Southern Strategy and the "Reagan Democrats" of 1980, and they proved useful to the Karl Rove Ivy League Bush Aristocracy Mafia in both 2000 (when Rove got the sad evangelicals to the polls) and in 2004, when you could still rile up the independents with a bunch of yahoo nonsense about how everybody's a traitor if they don't agree with the Bush-Cheney policy of "lose every war but reward the defense contractors."

But the animals have taken over the zoo, and they are not in a mood to negotiate with the martini-sipping GOP operatives who actually created these Redneck Republicans -- in swank Georgetown laboratories, while listening to opera and speaking in French -- as an effective way to trick a bunch of poor people and working-class families into supporting a party that was 100% against their economic interests.

The Grand Old Party is, I hope, as dead as the Whigs, that 19th Century political power that destroyed itself over the issue of slavery. The 2008 GOP has destroyed itself over the issues of dumb racism and religious fanaticism.

What should emerge from this wreckage is a major conservative party that acknowledges the idiocy of acquiescing to dumb mobs, a liberal party that realizes its future lies with inspiring centrists like Obama and not fringe-identity politics, and a lot of tiny angry splinter groups filled with nuts dedicated to one extremist cause or another.

Then, maybe, finally, America can get to work on joining the modern civilized world. We used to be the modern civilized world.

Ken Layne is the managing editor of Wonkette. He voted for John McCain in the 2000 Republican primary!

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