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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And Just Who Is The Real Barack Obama | A Mother’s Promise 





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Run the Hate Talk Express Off the Road

Things have gotten extremely nasty in recent weeks, as the Republican attack machine has been stuck in overdrive. John McCain and his supporters are traveling the country at a rapid pace, inciting hateful rhetoric at campaign events, and grossly misrepresenting McCain's own policies in a desperate attempt to make him more palatable. The McCain campaign is even attacking ACORN, a widely respected voter registration organization, claiming ACORN knowingly participated in "voter fraud." In reality, this is just another calculated attempt by the McCain campaign and the RNC to suppress new and marginalized voters.


Like I discussed with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report last week, our videos travel faster than the Hate Talk Express. Below are 15 videos for the next 15 days. They present the REAL McCain -- the one he doesn't want the public to see -- as well as information on issues affecting all of us at this critical juncture. Issues like the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care, the environment, and the fundamental right to vote.


Make sure all of your friends (especially those who don't agree with you politically or are still on the fence) see each and every one of these videos. Post them on blogs and networking sites like Digg -- our best means of reaching those outside the choir. Get your friends to sign up for a free Brave New Films video subscription. Get them to enter our REAL McCain contest: What would you ask McCain? (The 50 best answers win a free, limited edition, REAL McCain t-shirt!) And support Brave New Films by donating $15 so that we can continue creating hard-hitting videos like the 15 seen here.


1. McCain Care Leaves Seniors Behind: 

2. John McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare: 

3. John McCain: Economic Disaster: 

4. John McCain vs John McCain: 

5. McCain's Mansions: 

6. McCain's Spiritual Guide Wants America To Destroy Islam: 

7. McCain's Health Records Must Be Released: 

8. McCain's Green Economy: Drill Baby Drill: 

9. Big Oil Fuels the Straight Talk Express: 

10. Less Jobs. More Wars: 

11. Why Won't John McCain Sign the GI Bill? 

12. John McCain's Lobbyist Friends: 

13. John McCain is Dr. Strangelove: 

14. McCain's Chart Topping Single "Bomb Iran": 

15. ACORN and the Fight Against Voter Suppression: 


Setting Up McBush “Upset Victory” Continues http://impeachthem.com/?q=node/2159


Steal the Election Once Shame on Me, Steal it Twice . . .


MoveOn.org Videos


MoveOn.org targets Senate races
Boston Globe - United States
MoveOn.org, the antiwar group that has been one of Democrat Barack Obama's most important backers in the presidential race, is now urging members to give ...


By David Swanson








Philly Official Scoffs at Voting Problems
By Danielle Ivory, American News Project
Is Pennsylvania's upcoming election a disaster waiting to happen? 
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 -McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused of Voter Registration Fraud
By Sam Stein, Huffington Post
John McCain's campaign has directed $175,000 to the firm of a Republican operative accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states. 
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Long Lines Form As Early Voting Begins in Florida

Florida kicked off early voting on Monday, with record crowds heading to the polls and voters waiting hours to cast their ballots. Elections officials said the few reported problems were minor. Final statewide numbers for ballots cast Monday won't be available until Tuesday, but counties large and small, traditionally Democrat and traditionally Republican, were reporting record turnout. The early voting sites will remain open two weeks until the weekend before Election Day.


A Must See Site: http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/ (Thank You Ethan)


 -Conservatives Attack Intolerant Obama Slanderers at Rally UPDATE: McCain Muzzles Hero
By Davin Hutchins, American News Project
Several moderate McCain supporters, Muslim and Christian alike, bombarded a group distributing offensive flyers until they left the premises. 
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Bachmann's Remarks Instigate Netroots Retaliation
By Nancy Scola, techPresident
The full fury of the progressive netroots has turned on Minnesota Republican congressman Michelle Bachmann. 
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And Just Who Are The Real Terrorists Right Now?