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Friday, October 17, 2008

Republicans Poised To Do Anything To Win In A Desperate Do Or Die, Nothing To Lose In Hate Attacks, Lies And Vote Manipulation. McCain No Longer Deserves Respect; He Should Be Held In The Absolute Contempt And Disgrace Of Rejection.

McCain May Have Put The Finishing Touches On Himself In Ohio And ...
By Ed. Dickau(Ed. Dickau)
McCain May Have Put The Finishing Touches On Himself In Ohio And Everywhere Else! Get the Martin Eisenstadt?s Blog » Blog Archive » Joe widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Check The Polls
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The Only Viable Choice In Election 2008 YEH…THAT ONE!

By Ed. Dickau(Ed. Dickau)

The Only Viable Choice In Election 2008 YEH…THAT ONE!
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Ruthless Republican Robocalls Reiterate Their Rubbish And Lies ...

By Ed. Dickau(Ed. Dickau)

Ruthless Republican Robocalls Reiterate Their Rubbish And Lies. They Must Be Held Accountable In A Big Way. To Start with I suggest the everyone call this number and keep their phones busy with the message that you thank them for ...
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When McCain/Palin offer sleazy attacks in a speech, it's easy to hold them accountable. When they offer scurrilous lies in a television ad, it's almost as easy, especially with the whole "approve this message" line and media scrutiny of campaign advertising.

But McCain, Palin, and the Republican Smear Machine save some of their most offensive work for automated robocalls, which fly just below the radar screen. It's obviously abject cowardice, but decency and honor are the last things McCain is worried about now.

The first round of calls was in line with run-of-the-mill Republican nonsense.

The robocalls [in North Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, and Wisconsin] hit Obama for attending a celebrity fundraiser in Hollywood while efforts to address the financial crisis got underway in Washington.

A second round of robocalls, also from McCain and the RNC, hits Obama as a tax-hiker, and stops just short of criticizing the big bailout package that McCain has repeatedly taken credit for helping get passed.

The second round cranked up the sleaze a bit.

"Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats aren't who you think they are," the call says. "They say they want to keep us safe, but Barack Obama said the threat we face now from terrorism is nowhere near as dire as it was in the end of the Cold War. And Congressional Democrats now want to give civil rights to terrorists."

And the third round, which is reaching households in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Northern Virginia, Maine, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina, says a lot more about Republicans than it does Obama.

"You need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's home, and killed Americans. And Democrats will enact an extreme leftist agenda if they take control of Washington. Barack Obama and his Democratic allies lack the judgment to lead our country."

This isn't just some media stunt, intended to generate free media. It's actually the opposite -- McCain and the RNC are investing heavily in these disgusting calls, hoping to avoid the kind of scrutiny that comes with television ads.

Honestly, what would the Republican Party be without hate, fear, and ignorance? And when will party members with honor stand up and say that McCain and the RNC don't speak for them?

McCain 'Categorically' Proud of Hateful Rally Attendees
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Fact Checking 'Joe the Plumber'
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Unacceptable GOP Mailing Projects Racist Stereotypes on Obama
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The Culture War Is Over; Not By A Long Shot. Please Don’t Believe ...

By Ed. Dickau(Ed. Dickau)

With such a clear articulation of pro-education, pro-prevention and pro-choice values, juxtaposed to the McCain-Palin ticket's full throat-ed support for a "Culture of Life" -- including all the sharpest and most cutting attacks on late ...
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John McCain's Attack on Women
By Liza Sabater, Culture Kitchen
One of the most poignant moments of last night's debate was the discussion over abortion and the composition of the Supreme Court. Read more »

McCain: protecting women's health is extreme

This campaign is not over and American women cannot afford a president that thinks their health is something to be mocked. Help us elect defeat John McCain and elect Barack Obama. Anything you can do to support our work to protect a woman’s health and her right to choose is appreciated.


Sarah Palin in NH: All lipstick, no pitbull

Sarah Palin read the ditch-the-nastiness signs that greeted her at Dover High School yesterday morning. “My America is Kind,” read one. ...

McCain tells CBS' Letterman Sarah Palin's going on NBC's SNL

Having Failed to Fund an Impeachment Movement or Say a Damn Thing ...
By davidswanson
Trump, 62, said
Bush misled the United States into waging war on Iraq, a much worse offense than a dalliance with a White House intern his predecessor Bill Clinton was impeached for in 1999. read more.
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Reiterating my current ongoing prediction; the race will continue to tighten over the next three weeks with new levels of desperate, anything goes accusations and insinuations. Voter registration and eligibility will become an issue unlike any election in this nation’s history as McCain factions will make every effort at challenge and disenfranchisement. It will become not negative but vicious!

Further, I believe this race is more of a 4 to 5 point race with Obama in the lead, not a 10 to 14 point race according to a few polls. I believe it is tighter than many would think and it will continue to be that way for the next three weeks, which will be an eternity for these campaigns. I believe this race is anybody’s game at this point since, as I recall, Al Gore was up by 11 points during October yet Bush won the election.

The joyous thought of everything this election “could” mean still hang by a thread and there as those who live in dread of “The Bradley Effect”, rightfully so. One can only hope that no matter how bad the desperation attacks of the last two weeks and 48 hours become, that this nation is so close to being driven to its knees that all the venom will be rejected in self-interest and real change.

We shall see what happens come November 4th.