"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Updating The Election And Issues News Rasmussen Reports, Real Clear Politics, The Nation( Plus) Down and Desperate Is The Name Of The Game!

Things have gotten to the point of near mob mentality and people are beginning to see it! And The Mob Is On The Right! I wonder how they will react to Secret Service and FBI visitors and Pepper Spray Police and Live Ammo Troops in their faces?

Rasmussen Reports

55% Expect Obama Victory, Only 15% Believe McCain Will Win

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Posted 44 minutes ago

Fifty-five percent (55%) of voters now expect Barack Obama to win the election in November and become the 44th President of the United States. Just 15% expect a McCain victory while 27% say the race is too close to call.

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week's Key Polls

Electoral College: Obama 255 McCain 163

52% Favor McCain's Mortgage Bailout Plan

A majority of voters (52%) favor John McCain's plan for the federal government to buy up distressed mortgages and refinance them so homeowners can stay in their homes, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Thirty-five percent (35%) oppose the plan.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Oregon: Obama by 11

Rasmussen Reports Video

Hagan Still Leads Dole in North Carolina Senate Showdown

Democrat Kay Hagan continues to hold on to a modest lead over incumbent United States Senator Elizabeth Dole according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll in the Tar Heel State. The new poll-conducted Wednesday night-finds Hagan with 49% of the vote and Dole with 44%.

McCain Jumps to Seven-Point Lead in Indiana

John McCain has pulled to a solid seven-point lead over Barack Obama in Indiana. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds McCain leading 50% to 43%.

Florida: Obama Ahead by Three

No Surprise in New Jersey: Obama Leads McCain


LAKEVILLE, Minn. - Republican rage against Barack Obama claimed a new victim yesterday: John McCain.

(He Knows They Have Gone Too Far!)

A week of growing fury from Republicans aimed at Obama - and allegations from Democrats that McCain and his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, had fostered a mob mentality at their rallies - ended with boos for McCain from his own supporters after he rebuked one of them for saying he was "scared . . . to bring a child up" under an Obama presidency.

There was a rumble of disapproval from the crowd when McCain defended his Democratic rival. "I have to tell you he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States," McCain said.

The expectant father was among eight voters at a town hall meeting who begged McCain with growing desperation to confront Obama more forcefully, with several of them raising specific controversies that have dominated news coverage and the attention of Republican activists. Those include Obama's relationships with Vietnam-war era radical William Ayers, who helped found the violent group the Weather Underground, and the community-organizing group ACORN, which is accused of voter registration fraud.

When a woman referred to Obama yesterday as "an Arab," McCain cut her off and seized the microphone from her hands. "No, ma'am," he interjected. "He is a decent family man with whom I happen to have some disagreements." In fact, the most rousing applause of the afternoon came not for McCain, but for one of several questioners who appealed to the candidate to "fight" in next Wednesday's final debate with Obama.

"If you want a fight, we will fight," McCain replied. "But we will be respectful. I admire Senator Obama and his accomplishments. I don't mean that has to reduce your ferocity. I just mean to say you have to be respectful."

Such appeals for civility were a frequent refrain from McCain through the spring, but they have not been heard lately as the McCain campaign - responding in part to demands from prominent conservatives, including talk show host Rush Limbaugh - aggressively shifted its attention in the last week to questions about Obama's character.

"Like Rush says, we'll have to drag him across the line," Gayle Freeh, a registered nurse who was in the Lakeville audience, said of McCain. "He needs to go up and tell people the truth: that [Obama] is the most stinking liberal senator."

McCain had thundered about Obama all week, dismissing him as a "Chicago politician" and accusing him of duplicity on personal and policy issues. "Who is the real Barack Obama?" McCain asked repeatedly.

Crowds at McCain's rallies have responded zealously, including a handful who saluted Obama's name with violent threats and cries of "treason," "terrorist," and "bum." The incidents became the subject of extensive media attention, and apparent interest from the Secret Service.Continued..

This Is How Far The Nuttiness Has Gone!


Dear Nation Friend:

John McCain is desperate.

Barren of new ideas, stuck with a pathetically unqualified running mate, and slipping rapidly in the polls, there's just about nothing he won't do to win.

What's left? More virulent attack ads. Or worse.

It's that "worse" that has us worried.

We know John McCain has surrounded himself with some of the sleaziest operatives behind the Bush/Cheney/Rove campaigns and the Swift Boat instigators. And they've already admitted they're going to go lower and dirtier in their personal attacks on Barack Obama.

But what else?

Our biggest fear: that, with the help of the proven-unscrupulous George W. Bush, they'll try some last-minute "surprise" -- a sudden terrorist "threat" from abroad or at home, perhaps . . . or evidence of a nuclear build-up from the Administration's menu of "evil" nations.

Twenty-four days. That's how much time they've got to pull it off -- and we've got to watch and plan and be prepared to neutralize it.

Think about it: if McCain/Bush/Rove pull off some last-minute mega-surprise, the mainstream media won't dare to do anything but repeat what they're told. The opposition will be attacked as "unpatriotic" if they ask too many hard questions.

That leaves The Nation.

As the oldest, largest, and most respected independent newsweekly in the United States, we WILL be heard.

We're not waiting for the worst to hit. We've set up our own "McCain Dirty Tricks Watch." We're on high alert now.

What we need is funding to get us through this agonizing period. And for that . . .

We need your help.

Our budget, always borderline survival, has been stretched to the breaking point by the escalating crises brought on by the current administration.

We don't need more of the same from John McCain.

Join with us in making sure this is one election that doesn't get stolen.


Teresa Stack
President, The Nation

This S.O.B.’s Editorial Is Making The Rounds! He Doesn’t Like It When We Exercise OUR Free Speech!

Michael Barone, Obama vs. Free Speech

By Michael Barone

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors," Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. "I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face." Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people's faces. They seem determined to shut people up.

That's what Obama supporters, alerted by campaign emails, did when conservative Stanley Kurtz appeared on Milt Rosenberg's WGN radio program in Chicago. Kurtz had been researching Obama's relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers in Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers in the Richard J. Daley Library in Chicago -- papers that were closed off to him for some days, apparently at the behest of Obama supporters.

Obama fans jammed WGN's phone lines and sent in hundreds of protest emails. The message was clear to anyone who would follow Rosenberg's example. We will make trouble for you if you let anyone make the case against The One.

Other Obama supporters have threatened critics with criminal prosecution. In September, St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce warned citizens that they would bring criminal libel prosecutions against anyone who made statements against Obama that were "false." I had been under the impression that the Alien and Sedition Acts had gone out of existence in 1801-02. Not so, apparently, in metropolitan St. Louis. Similarly, the Obama campaign called for a criminal investigation of the American Issues Project when it ran ads highlighting Obama's ties to Ayers.

Why the Ayers Attack Isn't Sticking - John Dickerson, Slate