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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oil, Oil, Oil…Drill and Kill... The Red Necks Are On The Loose!


Did you know that more accountability and oversight in the oil markets could drop the price of a barrel of oil to $65 or $70 a barrel within about 30 days? That's a huge reduction that would likely mean lower gas prices for you and me -- without sacrificing America's coasts and wild places to more dirty drilling!

The number of speculators who trade oil on paper with no intention of ever taking delivery has tripled over the past twenty years. These speculators buy up large amounts of oil and sell it back to each other over and over again -- artificially inflating the prices we pay at the gas pump and fueling the push in Congress for plans to industrialize our coasts and other sensitive areas in the vain hope that more drilling will reduce gas prices.

Drilling would come at a terrible cost to our wildlife and the environment. Arctic drilling activities would disturb the most important onshore denning habitat for America's threatened polar bears potentially causing polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs.

Offshore drilling has its own problems: Each platform produces toxic discharges that can poison and kill marine wildlife and dumps tons of unregulated air pollutants into our atmosphere.

Please join me in calling on Congress to address speculation in the oil markets and reject calls for harmful new drilling that would threaten America's vanishing polar bears and other imperiled wildlife. Find out more and email Congress online now at:


Take Action for Polar Bears and Lower Gas Prices

Weak oversight and accountability in the oil markets allows wealthy investors from around the world to drive up the price we pay for gas, fueling calls for destructive drilling off our coasts and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Before the end of July, Congress is expected to consider bipartisan legislation to curb harmful speculative investment in the oil markets and provide needed relief to Americans hit by high gas prices.

Please fill out the form below to urge your Senators and Representative to pass legislation to address high gas prices and protect our polar bears and other wildlife from the oil speculators and Big Oil’s disastrous drilling plans.

Personalized messages are most effective. Please be sure to include:

  • Why protecting America's coasts and wild places is important to you.

  • Any personal education, experience or expertise that informs your opinion on protecting wildlife from harmful drilling

But we shouldn't have to sacrifice America's natural treasures for the sake of profits for the oil companies and these speculative investors!

Thanks for helping!

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:
https://secure.defenders.org/site/Advocacy?s_oo=y TW-mcxxsYghbtT0ZAXBT w..&id=1143

A Heads Up Thank You Amy Harlib On The above.

No Thanks To Ohio Below!

Voinovich vs. Gore (someone's being 'ridiculous')

Posted by Stephen Koff July 18, 2008 12:50PM

George Voinovich has been thrust into a new role as a GOP point man on energy, which he seems to be enjoying with relish. It certainly will help his branding efforts as he looks toward his 2010 campaign, and it's more exciting than being known as the "deficit hawk."

It also allows for a feistier Voinovich. He's been referring to "extremist" environmentalists lately, and Thursday called Al Gore's proposal to cut carbon emissions "ridiculous." He used the word three times.

This was at an afternoon news conference with fellow Republican Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Bob Corker of Tennessee. They were fighting efforts to halt the speculative trading of oil futures, which some Democrats blame for a runup in energy costs. Voinovich and his colleagues called for a much more sweeping set of energy reforms, which would include more oil drilling and exploration as well as investments in technology and conservation.

Voinovich then was asked what he thought of Al Gore's proposal, announced Thursday, to halt global warming by ridding the country of carbon-based electricity in 10 years.

"I think that anybody that looks at that statement objectively that knows anything about it would have to say it's ridiculous," he said the final time he used the word.

It's no secret that Voinovich believes this country needs "every single drop of oil that's available to us." He said that reducing carbon dioxide emissions is important, but the technology is not far along enough to switch to alternative energy without a huge spike in electricity costs.

Gore's point is that if this country made the same kind of effort it has made in supporting the oil industry, it could revolutionize clean-energy production in a decade.

The debate will go on -- and if John McCain wins the presidency, Voinovich's voice will probably grow more prominent. Thanks to musical chairs on Senate committees, a McCain victory could put Voinovich in the top Republican spot on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

That may be why GOP colleagues seem to be grabbing him to appear at their side more often. Will that matter in a 2010 race? It depends on what happens in this year's presidential election and the ensuing energy debate next year. But being known as the energy pragmatist -- Democrats will have a different word -- is no less "ridiculous" than running as the Senate's deficit hawk.

The Fact remains That Ohio Red neck Voinovich believes this country needs "every single drop of oil that's available to us." And that is ridiculous because you know what that means… “DRILL AND KILL”! (That would be both Humans and Bears)