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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Christian Zionists Target Iran | Lieberman Attends Conference Of Man McCain Renounced The Real News Network Video

At the annual meeting of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Washington its leader, popular televangelist John Hagee, refrained from the kind of controversial comments that have led Senator John McCain to repudiate his endorsement. But McCain's close adviser, Senator Joe Lieberman, did address the meeting, even though progressive Jewish organizations strongly advised him not to. Lieberman painted a gloomy picture of a "fanatical", nuclear-armed Iranian regime which might attack not only its neighbors but also the United States. Outside the meeting, a number of organizations strongly denounced CUFI and Lieberman as warmongers.

Pastor John Hagee, Christians United For Israel: Many people are not taking Ahmadinejad seriously, but please be informed he is the new Hitler of the Middle East. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will use them against Israel and the United States.

ESCOBAR: There was the annual bash in Washington of Christians United for Israel, the national Christian grassroots movement led by the televangelist mega-pastor from Texas, John Hagee. Someone who constantly whispers on Senator John McCain's ear did show up.

JOE LIEBERMAN, US SENATOR (ID-CT): I am your brother Joseph.

LIEBERMAN: The president of Iran has made his genocidal intentions to Israel perfectly clear, and you know he regularly leads enormous throngs in Iran in chanting "death to America." A nuclear Iran is a mortal danger. As Iran continues to expand the reach of its missiles, it will soon not just be the Middle East that is threatened but Europe as well and the United States as well.

A Rational Israeli/Palestinian Policy?

Aijaz Ahmad: Israel/Palestine two-state solution must include security guarantees for both states Pt8

Aijaz Ahmad: I think the question of the security of Israel needs to be addressed first, and the concern for that is quite great. My sense is that, as things are laid out, the possible solution would involve the creation of two states, one for the Israelis and one for the Palestinians in the occupied territories. And any final settlement must include extensive security guarantees for both countries. But let me say that Israel is by far the most powerful country militarily in the region, possibly stronger than all the other countries. It is the only nuclear power. And it's not a minor nuclear power like Pakistan or India; it is a major nuclear power like Britain and France. So the security is not of a military nature; it is of a political nature, and it is the political question that needs to be resolved.

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