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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Impeachment, Denver, (Plus) Things I Guarantee You Won’t See Anywhere Else At The Moment!

Stroll through Hell’s Half Acre with an Outlaw
By Eddie G. Griffin(Eddie G. Griffin)
Masterson made his first try at the newspaper business in 1885, but his paper, the Vox Populi, ceased publication after a single issue. In 1886, in a surprising move, he briefly became a prohibitionist and closed the Dodge City saloons ...
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This is the blog of Eddie Griffin, ex-Black Panther, ex-convict, Blackosphere advocate for the accused, Christian community organizer, and author of "Breaking Men's Minds: Behavior Control and Human Experimentation at the Federal Prison in Marion (IL)"

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The Declaration of Independence as a Tool of Impeachment. Submitted by Jesai on June 18, ... Having failed in efforts to impeach Vice President Cheney, Rep. ...

Dennis Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution Could Be Helpful in a Future War Crimes Trial : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-a-palermo/dennis-kucinichs-impeachm_b_106414.html

There exists no statute of limitations on war crimes; if there were then Klaus Barbie ("The Butcher of Lyon") and other aged Nazis would have been left alone to retire in peace. There are no international boundaries or sanctuaries for war criminals; again, if there existed such "war-crime-free-zones" then Klaus Barbie and others like him could have easily sought asylum in any number of nations governed by sympathetic dictatorships. And a war criminal does not have the power to "pardon" himself or others under his command; if he had such power then every tyrant and genocidal monster in the world would simply issue pardons to himself and all his co-conspirators on the way out of power, (the Nuremberg Trials never would have gotten off the ground).

Representative Dennis Kucinich's 35-count impeachment resolution that is currently being read into the Congressional Record is the most thorough chronicling of the many crimes (and war crimes) of the most venal, mendacious, and corrupt president in American history. It is an important document because it establishes for the record the litany of abuses of power and high crimes and misdemeanors of George W. Bush's nearly eight years of misrule. It is an official Congressional statement of fact that will come in handy in the future.

We all know the Democrats who control the Congress do not have the courage to pursue articles of impeachment against Bush. They long ago made a cynical political calculation that to do so would only bring the opprobrium of the Right and its allies and make the pivotal elections in 2008 more difficult for Democrats. That is their judgment call. But it is the wrong call because the republic cannot bear for long a succession of imperial presidents who build on the Bush record to upset the balance of Constitutional powers permanently. We may be looking back at the Congressional acquiescence in Bush's crimes as a step toward fascism in this country.

Dennis Kucinich has done the country an enormous service with this attempt to keep the record straight about this horrible "Decider." I can appreciate the Democrats' political hesitation, but I don't agree with it. The key question is this: If George W. Bush does not deserve to be impeached then what does a president have to do to be impeached?

Let's hope that sometime in the distant future that Bush lets his guard down and decides to take a vacation in England where he can be collared just like Pinochet.