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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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The US Is On The Verge Of Utter Financial Collapse And Martial Law
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
... but with Bush essentially “green lighting” an attack on Iran by Israel, it’s vital that the public take action and impeach Bush and Cheney before they ...

Despite the growing confirmation of the rhetoric surrounding the upcoming Kucinich Resolution of Impeachment hearing, ie., that it will be just that and nothing more, a polite, perfunctory hearing to hopefully placate Dennis, and that afterwards he will go away and leave it be; Impeachment is on the platter coming to the table and we still have the chance to create the pressure to move the issue beyond that. I cannot stress stridently enough that we may have to create absolute havoc and go well out our way and sacrifice some time money and energy to deluge the House communications systems to the point of collapse and literally occupy this city before this summer is over. Are you ready willing and able. No Marches, just swarm on the city and head to the house.

Obama Would Need Turkey's Cooperation While Withdrawing US Troops
Turkish Press - Plymouth,MI,USA
WASHINGTON, DC - US Congressman from Florida, Robert Wexler, said Monday that if the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got elected the US ...

Two Leading Jewish Dems Pull Support for House Iran Sanctions ...
Forward - New York,NY,USA
Robert Wexler of Florida and Barney Frank of Massachusetts pulled their support — Wexler on July 9, and Frank a week earlier — from a congressional ...

Nadler Cites Bush's Impeachable Offenses and War Crimes but ...
By DemocratsBlog
As a practical matter at this point in the game with 6 months left in the Administration, it would never happen, and it's probably not the best idea to start a full impeachment hearing at this point which would simply take all the ...
Political Forum - http://www.politicalforum.com

Kucinich on C-SPAN at 5pm with Impeachment
By Sue4theBillofRights
We just ran into Jerry Nadler (R-NY) in the Rayburn Building and had a talk with him about impeachment. Although very smart, well-meaning, and gracious, he was still stuck in the tactical aspects of the game, rather than realizing that ...
Daily Kos - http://www.dailykos.com/section/Diary

Nadler: In a ‘just system,’ Bush ‘would be impeached.’»

Today, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who has held several hearings on the Bush administration’s torture program, said that President Bush has committed “impeachable offenses”:

NADLER: If we had a just system and it weren’t overly political, the president would be impeached. I think he has committed impeachable offenses.

Watch it:

Yesterday, House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI) said that he may allow Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to present his impeachment articles against Bush before the August recess. “We’re not doing impeachment, but he can talk about it,” he said.

Brit Hume to Step Down as Fox News Anchor
Washington Post - United States
Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has made no decision on whether "Special Report," which began as a temporary program during the Clinton impeachment, ...See all stories on this topic

Kucinich Roll Call #492 Yeas 238 | Nays 180 Yeas Nays Not Voting (16)

Republicans who voted Yes:

Congressman Kevin Brady (TX)

Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (MD)

Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC)

Representative Don Manzullo (IL)

U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy(PA)

Congressman Ron Paul (TX)

Congressman Dave Reichert (WA)

Congressman Christopher Shays (CT)

Representative Mike Turner (OH)

Kucinich wins hearings but not on impeaching Bush

Trying To Get A Good? Representative To Impeach
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Representative Kucinich's comprehensive impeachment resolutions have made many of the higher Bush/Cheney crimes a matter of congressional record, ...

Conyers: No Bush Impeachment
By admin
All Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants is a chance to present his case. The Ohio Democrat has made a crusade of his efforts to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, only to be ignored and ridiculed by many of his fellow lawmakers. ...Infowars - http://www.infowars.com (July 25th is being bandied about on the Hill Today (Ed.)

Congressman John Conyers has informed Veterans for Peace that he will hold the hearing we've been pushing for at 10 a.m. on Friday the 25th of July. He has not yet confirmed that publicly, but another member of the Judiciary Committee has confirmed it to me. Our job is to make it as much as possible an impeachment hearing and then to insist on a real impeachment hearing. The 9% Congress will only hurt itself by advertising Bush and Cheney's crimes together with their own failure to move impeachment forward. Impeachment would revitalize Congress and even the Democratic Party, and it's our job to make that crystal clear. Read Dave Lindorff's take on this.

Kucinich Perseveres in Impeachment for Bush & Cheney
By Bob
No, I’m not talking about Hellboy, I’m talking about Ohio Congressman and former 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich. For more than a year Kucinich has labored to bring Bush and Cheney to justice [...]
Daily Nonsense - http://www.daily-nonsense.com/Blog

Everyone In Congress Should Stay Home Except Dennis J. Kucinich ...
By News from Mad Plato(News from Mad Plato)
Capitol Hill is buzzing today with major developments regarding our campaign for impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Just today, in what could be described as a perfect impeachment storm: ...
Letters from Mad Plato - http://madplatonews.blogspot.com/

Kucinich Wins Hearing on Bush, Impeachment Off the Table
Democratic aides have widely suggested those gauging the bill's prospects look to a precedent: the impeachment articles against Vice President Dick Cheney, ... (The Big Link) See all stories on this topic

Kucinich wins hearings but not on impeaching Bush
By davidswanson
The House on Tuesday voted 238-180 to send the article of impeachment — for Bush's reasoning for taking the country to war in Iraq — to the Judiciary Committee, which buried Kucinich's previous effort. ...
AfterDowningStreet.org - Impeach... - http://www.afterdowningstreet.org

Freedom Rider: 35 Crimes/Black Agenda Report
By lrose48
John Conyers, Chairman of the Judiciary committee, ought to be leading the charge for impeachment against this and other outrages. Yet so far he has only been willing to say that would act on impeachment only if Bush attacked Iran. ...

BuelahMan's Redstate Revolt - http://buelahman.wordpress.com

Kucinich Wins Hearings Before Judiciary Cmte.
The cynical crew at the Democratic Leadership Council believes that by “throwing this bone” to us, they can quiet the will of most all Americans that wants Bush and Cheney held to account for their proven criminal acts of treason ...

New Jersey Impeach Groups - Saving... - http://impeachthem.com

Impeach Representative Conyers
By Stan Rosenthal
... from domestic enemies (specificly, Bush and Cheney.) Representative Conyers, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll retract this charge if you do your job and allow impeachment charges against Bush and Cheney through your commitee. ...

The Blogosphere Starts Now - http://tbsn.thesequencers.us/

It is time for Nancy “the Troll at the Bridge” Pelosi to Resign
By Gags(Gags)
Nancy Pelosi's lame-brained plan to use the strategic oil reserve to try to lower prices, while still blocking any attempt to drill is the final straw. In playing politics with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Nancy Pelosi has moved ...

Evaluation - http://commonsenselogic.blogspot.com/

House Atwitter Over Rules Governing Video, Blog Posts

WASHINGTON — Texas Rep. John Culberson uses his Blackberry to post blurbs about his work onto Twitter, a social networking site on the Internet. The Internet has set him free from unfair media reports and other barriers between him and his constituents, enabling him to better represent them in Congress, he says.

But Culberson's actions have put him in possible violation of House rules that appear to ban blogging or other work-related activities on non-House Web sites.

Current rules "have been interpreted to prohibit (House) members from posting official content outside of the House.gov domain," Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass., chairman of the Congressional Commission on Mailing Standards, better known as the franking committee, wrote in a report late last month.

In a series of recommendations sent to House Administration Capitol Security Subcommittee Chairman Robert Brady, Capuano said some rules are necessary so as not to mix House official messages with commercial or political campaign material.

"Members of Congress who use taxpayer money to communicate with constituents should be held to the highest possible standard of independence — and the appearance of independence," he said last week.

"Official content" — like video — that is posted outside the House.gov domain should be clearly marked, should not appear alongside commercial or campaign content and should contain an exit notice for people linking out from the House.gov domain, Capuano recommended.

But those recommendations have riled Republicans like Culberson, who argue they limit his communications. The spat has reached the highest levels of the House, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi backing Capuano by saying his work won't restrict but will rather loosen the rules. In response, House Minority Leader John Boehner has rung alarm bells over possible Democratic-led censorship of the Internet.

By communicating on Twitter, Culberson said he can tell his constituents to watch a live video he's about to broadcast on a site called Qik.com. By blasting an announcement that he's going to hold a town hall meeting, Culberson said anyone with a mobile e-mail device, an Internet connection or a phone can tap into the discussion. Or if a vote on a confusing or quickly-moving bill is coming up he can shoot out marching orders as needed to his supporters.

"It's a great way to instantaneously communicate with a large number of people," Culberson said.

Banning video postings by House members also hands the media an advantage they wouldn't have if he were allowed to use new technology to get out his side of the story, beating biased reporters to the punch, he said.

"How do I distinguish between Twitter and e-mail? There is no distinguishing. How do I distinguish between my interview with you on FOX News, and this live video that I'm broadcasting through Qik? How do you distinguish between my interview on Qik, which is live, with an interview on The New York Times?" asked Culberson, pronouncing the Web site as "quick," in an interview with FOX News last week.

Culberson said he believes lawmakers should face few, if any, restrictions on Internet use. If House members run astray of good taste, their constituents will let them know.

But Capuano counters that the rules — while they don't specifically address capabilities of sites like Qik — appear to ban such activity for good reason, and Culberson learned the lesson last week when the two men got into a one-on-one confrontation.

In a video posted online of his interview with FOX News, Culberson relayed how Capuano got irritated when Culberson apparently tried to get Capuano on camera, but hadn't asked him first. After the video was posted, Capuano ended up receiving a torrent of e-mails and phone calls from Culberson backers.

Admitting he might have jumped the gun by posting the confrontation, Culberson said he apologized to Capuano and pledged not to film him again without his permission.

Still, Culberson defended his decision to go to Qik to post the video, saying he thought a rule was going to be voted on and he felt it was his only recourse to let Capuano know how the public felt.

"I told him today — and he's a good guy, and he understood this — I said, 'Mike, you're going to have about as much luck regulating the Internet as King Knut did when he ordered his men to put this throne on the beach, and he tried to order the tide to stop," Culberson said, summing up the phone call in a video message to his constituents.

Click here to view the Culberson video of the interview with FOX News.

Why we do it: Protesters get hearing with Conyers
By xoff
But he warned that the conservative Blue Dog Democrats, as well as Democrats who are serving their first term in Congress, would be unlikely to support impeaching Bush for crimes he committed while in office. ...
Uppity Wisconsin - Making Wisconsin... - http://www.uppitywis.org

Kucinich Says Unidentified Foreign Official Wants to Speak at ...
By davidswanson
Kucinich makes his case to impeach President Bush before the House Judiciary Committee, according to the Ohio Democrat. The House voted, 238-180, on Tuesday to send Kucinich’s latest impeachment effort (H Res 1345) to the Judiciary ...
AfterDowningStreet.org - Impeach... - http://www.afterdowningstreet.org

Dougie Feith Visits HJC
By emptywheel
This is the Constitutional Committee of the Judiciary. This is to protect the rights of Americans. To prevent our own government from violating the laws and treaties that pertain to torture. I counted some hearings myself. ...
Emptywheel - http://emptywheel.firedoglake.com

There's legitimate interrogation, and then there's torture. Doug ...
Slate - USA
Based on Feith's performance this morning before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, I would say he is ...
See all stories on this topic

Obama Camp Hits McCain On Confusions
Atlantic Online - 2 hours ago
Here's a memo from newly titled "senior strategist for communications and message" Robert Gibbs painting McCain in the deep purple of confusion. ...

Web Petition Rips Lieberman For Supporting McCain
What's still unanswered is what Lieberman might do in the next session of Congress, when Democrats expect to return with a bigger majority. ...
See all stories on this topic

The politicos' mutual stalking has reached unprecedented new levels this year: At least one side has started to spider the other's campaign web site to track that campaign pages' precise word changes up to an hourly basis.

John McCain's campaign published a side-by-side comparison of Barack Obama's Iraq War policy web pages on Tuesday using a new automated online tracking service called Versionista.


The service, which launched two months ago, allows users to track and cache changes to specific web pages up to an hourly basis, depending on the level of filtering requested, says Peter Bray, its creator in Portland, Oregon.

"I'm an avid reader of blogs, so I thought this would be a good tool for campaigns and activists," he says. "This could be a good tool in their arsenal. "


Dear Ed, http://www.prochoiceamerica.org

We found out some truly disturbing news.

Just hours ago The New York Times reported that the Bush administration is proposing a new regulation that could discourage doctors and health-care clinics from providing birth control to women who need it.

Pro-birth-control members of Congress are calling on the Bush administration to reconsider this terrible idea. Please let your members of Congress know that you strongly oppose this attack on birth control!

This proposed regulation deliberately confuses the definitions of contraception and abortion and could seriously jeopardize state laws and policies that protect women’s access to birth control. For example, state laws that require hospitals to provide sexual-assault survivors with access to emergency contraception could be jeopardized.

This issue makes it all the more clear why we must elect pro-choice Sen. Barack Obama as our next president. Sen. John McCain has repeatedly voted against allowing women to obtain birth control and there’s no doubt he will carry on Bush’s anti-choice legacy. Sen. Obama has a consistent record in strong support of women’s access to contraception and is the chief sponsor of legislation to make birth control more affordable.

Take action today. Don’t let the Bush administration’s attacks on birth control go unanswered.

Thank you for remaining vigilant against the Bush administration and taking action today.

White House Threatens to Veto House Intelligence Bill

Foiling House Democrats’ ambition to produce an intelligence authorization bill that President
Bush would sign, the White House issued a veto threat Wednesday against the measure.

The statement of administration policy targeted various accountability and reporting provisions that the White House said represented overzealous congressional interference in the workings of the intelligence community.

The House was expected to pass the fiscal 2009 measure despite the threat.

The administration criticized portions of the bill that would demand additional information from the administration, create a statutory inspector general for the intelligence community and restrict the Central Intelligence Agency from using contractors to conduct interrogations — even though the administration could waive the latter provision.

The policy statement said the administration opposed provisions “that conflict with the effective conduct of intelligence activities, the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, and arrangements that for decades have balanced congressional oversight responsibility with the need to restrict access to intelligence information to safeguard sources and methods used to acquire that information.”

Despite the statement, Rep. Doc Hastings , R-Wash., said the bill “generally has bipartisan support in this House.”

Although exact funding levels are classified, aides and lawmakers said the bill would authorize more funding for the base intelligence budget than ever before. It also would authorize a small amount of fiscal 2009 supplemental funding.

Actual funding is provided primarily through the annual Defense appropriations bill. The National Intelligence Program, which includes most of the intelligence agencies but excludes the military’s intelligence operations, had a budget of $43.5 billion in fiscal 2007, the last year for which the administration provided declassified figures.

House Panel Postpones Mukasey Contempt Vote

A House panel postponed a vote Wednesday on whether to cite Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey for contempt for failing to produce FBI reports of an interview of Vice President Dick Cheney regarding the disclosure of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s covert status.

Henry A. Waxman , D-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the panel would put off the vote after receiving word that President Bush had asserted executive privilege over the subpoenaed documents at the recommendation of Mukasey.

Waxman said he had “grave reservations about the validity of the president’s action” but wanted to give committee members time to consider it.

Keith B. Nelson, the principal deputy assistant attorney general, notified the committee of the executive privilege claim in a letter Wednesday. He enclosed a July 15 letter from Mukasey to Bush justifying the claim.

“In my view, such a production would chill deliberations among future White House officials and impede future Department of Justice criminal investigations involving official White House conduct,” Mukasey wrote.

The Justice Department said it would continue to provide other interview reports requested by the committee “if the committee refrains from citing the attorney general for contempt.”

Waxman issued a subpoena last month directing Mukasey to provide notes of FBI interviews with Cheney and Bush but later limited the request to Cheney. The Justice Department had indicated earlier that it considered the materials subject to executive privilege.


Gary Baumgarten said...

Congressman Jerry Nadler will be my guest Thursday August 7 at 5 PM New York time on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com.

To talk to Nadler please go to www.garybaumgarten.com and click on the link to the show. There is no charge.