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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shedding Some Light On Post Election Ohio…There Will Be Change! Not So Red.

Lungren to challenge Boehner for House GOP leader

Kevin DeWine mends fences with “values voters” in GOP

DeWine sends damage control email to party leaders


GOP faces future without youth support

So They Recycle This Has Been Dinosaur!

Batchelder picked to lead House Republicans

Election results pointing to new religious coalition


Disputed provisional ballots put on hold

Federal judge ponders ruling; case might decide congressional race

A few lawmen seek out post of U.S. attorney for Cleveland

Posted by Peter Krouse/Plain Dealer Reporter November 16, 2008 02:38AM

A new administration in Washington will mean a new U.S. attorney in Cleveland, and speculation about who that might be has already begun.

Among the early names mentioned are Steve Dettelbach, who prosecuted Nate Gray and went to law school with President-elect Barack Obama, as well as former federal prosecutors James Wooley and Subodh Chandra and Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Steve Dever.

Whoever is tapped will take over an office that employs more than 75 attorneys and covers 40 northern Ohio counties. That person also will inherit a massive corruption probe in Cuyahoga County that threatens to ensnare some of the region's most powerful politicians……

Capri Cafaro chosen to lead Ohio Senate Democrats (Important Change)

The daughter of wealthy Youngstown shopping center developer J.J. Cafaro, the Democrats' new leader will have her hands full trying to transform a caucus that has been dysfunctional and fractured in recent years.

Ohio's political landscape: Democrats gain in northwest, GOP in east