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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Media Has Gone Into The Ditch With Corporations And The McCain Campaign.



For a nation recently conditioned to nail-biting elections that stretch from Tuesday into Wednesday and perhaps into December, this year offers something different.  The Media Mental Midgets are trying their damnedest with their “Verbal Lint” to fashion a sound bite  scenario line for the last 48 hours to sound something like: “Race Tightening as we reach the finish line”, “possible hidden vote in undecided; anything to keep this horse race alive when one of the horses died before it rounded the last turn and all the media and right wing screaming is for their horse to “Get Up”.  Lazarus he ain’t!


Two days before the election, John McCain is behind in every legitimate national poll, (and yes there are a few skewed “Bastard Polls” afloat among McCain Bloggers with the tag line “MoveOn pissing their pants”) and in polls in nearly every swing state.


And Then There Is This Type of absolute Bullshit that proves my point as surely as a killer caught on video tape by a mall security camera! 


We have no media integrity in this nation…none!



MSNBC presents outdated poll as evidence the race in battleground states is "tightening"


Summary: MSNBC anchors presented "new" Arizona State University-Southwest poll numbers for New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada as evidence the race is "tightening" in those states. However, the poll was conducted over a period of 26 days and was concluded on October 17, two weeks before the results were released, and a newer poll contradicts the ASU-Southwest poll's conclusion in New Mexico.


On October 31, MSNBC Live anchors Contessa Brewer and Tamron Hall both highlighted a presidential poll as evidence the race is "tightening" in some Western battleground states. Brewer, Hall and anchor David Shuster all described the poll as "new." In fact, the poll they cited was completed two weeks before, and was conducted from September 22 to October 17. Notwithstanding the anchors' characterization of the poll as "new" and its results showing the race in New Mexico as tied, a newer poll shows Sen. Barack Obama leading there.


Shuster presented Arizona State University-Southwest poll numbersfor New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada that he said "suggest it's getting closer in many states, at least some of the poll numbers." He then said, "This is an organization that has never polled in New Mexico before, according to our own political unit. But this number is getting some attention because it shows Barack Obama and John McCain tied at 46, and again, this is a state where NBC News' political unit has been projecting New Mexico in Barack Obama's column for over a month." However, a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted on October 28, 11 days after the ASU-Southwest survey was concluded, shows Obama leading in New Mexico.


Are these people who do these things evil slaves of their employers having no balls or integrity, or are they simple minded uninformed copy reading room temperature IQ idiots?  ( Mercy maybe all of the above!)


From the 9 a.m. ET hour of the October 30 edition of MSNBC Live:


What's Wrong with Beltway Journalism
By Booman Tribune(Booman Tribune) 
On the Left, and not just the fringe-left,
 Bush and Cheney are seen as more than just bad public servants. They're seen as outright criminals. As early as January 2006, a Zogby Poll showed that 53% of Americans wanted Congress to ...
Booman Tribune - http://www.boomantribune.com/

And This Guy Doesn’t Like The Smell or Flavor Of Garbage So He’s Taking Out The Trash!


Fox News Goes Apoplectic Over the Success of Working Families and ACORN
By Dan Cantor, AlterNet
Fox attacked ACORN endorsing Obama on the Working Families Line in New York, and then essentially provided free cable advertising. 
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Why?  They Are Screwed; That’s why!


"Rise like Lions
after slumber

In unvanquishable number -

Shake your chains 
to earth like dew

Which in sleep
had fallen on you -

Ye are many - 
they are few."

~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Now It's Clear Why Some People Are Scared of Early Voting: Because It Empowers People
By Tate Hausman, AlterNet
Vote Today Ohio shows that you can bring marginalized people to vote early, and really challenge the powers that be.
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And the Winner of 2008's Most Partisan State Election Administrator Is...
By J. Gerald Hebert, Campaign Legal Center Blog
The envelope please ... Indiana's Todd Rokita's pursuit of ACORN wins the award for 2008's most partisan top state election official. 
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I proposed we do away with the entire Absentee Deal and have a two week open voting period culminating with a National Holiday Election Day!

 Just let people vote!


In her latest column, Janet Porter warns all those Christians who intend to vote for Barack Obama that they are willfully disobeying God and will be punished accordinglyVote for Obama, Go To Hell

New York Times
-2.6 million ballots cast early in North Carolina


HICKORY, N.C. -- An unexpected dead heat in North Carolina's Senate race turned nastier this week when Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole launched a new advertising assault against her Democratic opponent. But the tactic has appeared ineffective so far, as Sen. Dole continues to trail her challenger in polls.


Elizabeth Dole


Sen. Dole began airing a television ad in the middle of this week accusing her opponent, Democratic state Sen. Kay Hagan, of ties with an atheist group. But polls reflected no bump by the week's end for Sen. Dole, who trails Sen. Hagan by 5.5 points in an average of surveys compiled by RealClearPolitics.


At the same time, registered Democrats are outnumbering Republicans by nearly 2 to 1 in early voting, which continued in the state on Saturday.

The momentum behind Sen. Hagan reinforces a dramatic turnabout for a contest that was widely expected earlier this year to be among the safest in the Senate. The tightened race is a stark illustration of the headwinds facing Republicans at the polls this fall, even in what were considered reliably conservative states like North Carolina and Georgia, where the once virtually assured re-election of Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss is now a toss-up.


The unprecedented turnout of more than two million early voters in North Carolina, in person or by absentee, prompted the state to extend hours at polling sites on Saturday, the final day of advance voting. On Saturday, the governor pleaded with counties that decided not to extend voting hours to reconsider.


State officials predict the overall turnout for the election to total 4.5 million voters, compared with 3.5 million voters in 2004. That would mark a 70% turnout and a new record from the 1984 high when Sen. Dole's predecessor, Jesse Helms, defeated popular Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt, and President Ronald Reagan won reelection.


This Is More Fun!  This Time For Everyone.




And I’m Voting For Travis As We All Know Cats Are Democrats Dogs Are Republicans.