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Friday, November 14, 2008

News, Views, Issues Of The Day And Impeachment Reviews: Censure, Impeach, And Prosecute: I Vote For The Reverse Order!

ROBERT REICH: Obama's stunning victory, combined with larger Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress and the deepening economic crisis, should provide him a strong mandate for change. America and the world have signaled they're ready for it.

But as we roll up our shirtsleeves, it's important to be aware of the challenges ahead.

First is the ever more powerful army of Washington lobbyists. Pharmaceutical companies, insurers and giant hospital chains will seek to control any health-care initiative. Producers of coal, ethanol and nuclear power will try to dominate the energy and environmental agenda. Military contractors will want to maintain defense spending. And Wall Street will want even more control over its massive bailout.

Then there's the ballooning budget deficit brought on by slower growth and the Wall Street bailout. As a result, fiscal conservatives -- including a newly-enlarged group of "blue-dog" Democrats -- will be reluctant to support any new spending.

And don't forget all the business groups, Republicans, libertarians, talk-radio hosts and yell-television personalities will fulminate over anything resembling a tax hike on the rich or big corporations.

Obama's agenda can survive all this, but only if he continues to mobilize and energize the public behind it. That means creating a new politics, utilizing his vast campaign network of volunteers, grassroots activists and Internet participants and turning it into a movement to take back our democracy from the lobbyists, naysayers, pork peddlers and moneyed interests that normally run things in Washington.

In other words, the real contest is just beginning. Can Obama succeed? As we heard last night, yes WE can.

Grab a Chair
Washington Post - United States
Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) would take over for his close friend and mentor, opening up the banking chairmanship. A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader ...


Hold That Dick Accountable
By JimLarkinsGhost
(See Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment against The Dick by clicking here). Perhaps a strong showing on election day will embolden Congressional Democrats. A small, but not insignificant peice of good news appeared today: ...
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Impeach Bush
Hartford Courant - United States
Impeachment proceedings were begun against Richard Nixon (for covering up a burglary) and against Bill Clinton (for lying about cheating on his wife), ...

Should Congress *censure* Bush/Cheney? Poll, discuss, act
And it may not be as satisfying as impeachment, but it is a good in itself. Nor is it vengeful or injurious; it doesn’t put Bush or Cheney into jail, or into exile, or into poverty. Nor does it punish their families. ...
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More Allegations in Justice Dept. Misconduct in Siegelman Case
John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which investigated the Siegelman case as part of a broader inquiry into alleged political ...

Should Congress *censure* Bush/Cheney? Poll, discuss, act
By David Boyle
The esteemed buhdydharma has recently spoken of impeachment lately, while admitting that it might not really happen. However, not impeachment, but censure might be something achievable, as Nancy Pelosi told me herself at Netroots Nation ...
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Impeachment Prevents Pardons; Whistleblowers Wanted
By Chip
General appoint a prosecutor to convene a grand jury to investigate not only the criminal FISA violations but also the numerous other crimes of Bush, Cheney and their underlings and henchmen, especially including their war crimes. ...
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Impeach Bush To Stop Pardons | Democrats.com
Most of these offenses are felonies for which Bush and Cheney can be criminally prosecuted after they leave office. But prosecutions will be impossible if Bush issues blanket pre-emptive pardons for DickCheney, Scooter Libby, ...
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Bush Has 69 Days to Pardon Scooter Libby - and Himself
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My bet is that Bush will pardon everyone in his administration, including Dick Cheney and even himself. So the real "Big Number" is how many Members of Congress will stop Bush from issuing these pardons by pledging to impeach him if he ...
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