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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

 Let’s Take A Look At Things From A Little Different Perspective Intellectually and Culturally; Meaning Not The Main Stream Media Mental Midgets And Their Verbal Lint Propaganda Pabulum.



Pakistan and Afghanistan Are Moving Backwards!


More US missile strikes kill civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan


Pakistani President Asif Ali Zadari stated on Monday that Pakistan is succeeding in its fight against Islamic extremists. Since August, the United States has launched at least 18 missile strikes on militant targets from unmanned drones killing innocent civilians and angering local Pakistanis. Meanwhile in Afghanistan 14 people were killed on Sunday after US coalition forces fired on their car. A US military spokesman, alleged the men were militants who opened fire on approaching soldiers after their car had been stopped. A claim disputed by the provincial governor who stated the men were civilian workers and not militants. IPS journalist Anand Gopal believes "that both countries are moving backwards."



Obama's Foreign Policy Challenge


Eric Margolis: Bush admin has left Obama an international 'mess', with Russia at the top of the list


After news of Barack Obama's electoral victory on Tuesday night, celebrations were seen worldwide and international leaders were falling over themselves to issue statements of approval. Eric Margolis believes that that reaction is fueled by the view that the Bush administration has created a mess that the world hopes Obama can rectify. In the first part of our interview, former GOP supporter Margolis explains why he is "elated" by Obama's victory and dismayed with his former party. Margolis outlines his belief that Obama's biggest challenge will not be in confronting non-state actors like Al Qaeda, but rather in deescalating the heightening tension with Russia which the Bush Administration has created with a series of recent provocations. 

Secondly, he will have to put forward a consistent position on relations with China, something that Bush has yet to do despite China's meteoric rise in international influence during his tenure. With respect to the economic crisis' impact on US foreign policy, Margolis offers that US power is projected to a greater extent through its dollar, as expressed through the strategic funding of allies within foreign countries, than through its military. As such, the US will have to acclimatize itself to a reduced level of influence in the world if the economy does not recover.



Miriam Makeba dies aged 76: The South African singer and anti-apartheid campaigner dies in Italy after performing a concert


The $700b bailout :

With $40b spent on AIG stock, half of funds are accounted for. Who will get what is left?


The Tyranny of Oil: The World's Most Powerful Industry, and What We Must Do To Stop It
by Antonia Juhasz > 2008-10-07 > HarperCollins | Finally, the inside story on Big Oil. 






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