"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin McCain A Pile Of Lies. Yes They Are War Criminals. Yes The McCain Palin Ticket Is Dangerous.

And Yes I Want You To Start A Dialog With Me About What We Really Have To Do To Set Our Ship Of State On The Proper Course.

I Want You to Read the Last Piece in This Post and I want you to provide a course of correction. And Please; don’t give me anymore Petitions, Phone Calls, Faxes, Meetings, Posters and Banners. I want you to face reality and decide what we have to do, and like our government; no more of the same old crap we have been doing for the past few years. I want to know what actions you know to be necessary to restore this nation…Rapidly!

If your response is well thought out and to the point I will post your comment(s) at the bottom, regardless of length.

McCain and Palin Are Trying to Take Political Lying to the Next DimensionBy Robert Parry, Consortium NewsMcCain and Palin reach a new level of campaign dishonesty as they tell lies about their records and their opponent. But will they pay a price? Read more

The Media Call McCain and Palin on Their Trail of LiesNewsdayA rundown of 25 responses in the media to McCain and Palin's bald-faced lies from the past two weeks. Read more

McCain & Palin Receiving Scrutiny For Torrent Of Lies
By Steven LeserHow do you know when McCain or Palin are lying? Their lips are moving.

Palin's 'Heretical' Church: Censored Video the McCain Campaign Doesn't Want you to See: By Bruce WilsonVideo identified Palin churches as part of movement decried from right as heretical. Read more

Very Bizarre 'Holy Laughter Annointing' Theology at Sarah Palin's Juneau ChurchBy Bruce Wilson, Talk To Action'Third wave' sermons supported by religious leaders at Juneau Christian Church, include "uncontrollable laughter, weeping, shrieking." Read more

John McCain's Health Records Must Be Released!By Robert Greenwald, Brave New FilmsWhy has McCain been so secretive about his health history? Read more

"Well . . . I'd Like To Bring About World War, Charlie"
By Robert McElvaineSarah Palin was runner-up in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant. Her answers to some of Charlie Gibson seemed like those of some pageant contestants. But instead of giving the standard answer that she seeks "world peace," Palin in effect said she seeks world war. It's appropriate that her pageant was in 1984.

Does McCain's Diminishing The Public's Trust In The Media Put Country First?
By Rob KallDemocracy needs a healthy media. Like the nerves in the body that tell the brain what's going on in the periphery, the media keeps the national body healthy by keeping constituents informed of what's going on, what's going wrong. You wouldn't shut off or damage YOUR nervous system. It's just as unhealthy for Democracy to abuse and mistreat the media.

Are Presidential Politics The Latest Reality TV Show?
By Gustav WynnThe 2008 presidential campaign is becoming a personality-driven reality TV show, with Sarah Palin representing everything that we love and hate about Survivor, American Idol, Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos and even Are You Smarter Then A Fifth-Grader? Can Obama harness reality to fight the influence of Reality TV in the race for the White House?

Palin's Dominance Dooms McCain
By Michael Collins
McCain took a "bridge to nowhere" thinking it was the path to his salvation. Given his total abandonment of any degree of consistency and civility in this campaign, it's hard to have much sympathy. Palin was a bad move no matter how hard the Orwellian faction spins it.

Vendors asked to leave Values Voter Summit

Sarah Pulliam

Two men who were trying to lighten the mood by selling "Obama Waffles" were asked to leave this afternoon after protesters found the boxes racist.

Men from Tennessee traveled to the Values Voter Summit to sell yellow boxes of waffle mix that portray a caricature of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with a Muslim-like headdress and says "Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles." The cover of the box portrays a caricature of Obama's face next to waffles, which three protesters from American Atheists found offensive.

Eric Herrman from American Atheists said the box was racist because it conjures up images of Aunt Jemima, the woman portrayed on a syrup bottle.

"Let's say we sold a pig lipstick product, we probably have to leave for the same reason," Herrman said as he handed out literature outside the Hilton Hotel. "A caribou barbie doll would be considered so sexist."

Herrman and two others from the organization said they sent reporters down to look at the waffle mix. When they found out that the vendors were asked to leave, they high fived each other.

Spokesman for Family Research Council J.P. Duffy said that those in the organization did not look closely at the box until someone brought it up. Duffy said the executive director thinks the box is racist and if Joe Biden were portrayed, it would have been fine.

Governor Janet Napolitano And Governor Sarah Palin
By AbuelitaromoTwo governors are compared and one is found lacking the expertise to run a nation, if called upon to do so.

Ickler: Penalty box for McCainDaily News Tribune - Waltham,MA,USAIn fact, some pundits have suggested that Vice President Palin, like Vice President Cheney, would be anti-impeachment insurance for the president. ...See all stories on this topic

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God Doesn't Really Care Who Wins

Sarah Palin and John McCain are going to FUCK OUR COUNTRY IN THE ASS. If you don't realize that, then you're a moron. Yes, I'm a Dem and I'm DILIGENT about fighting fire with fire. On Friday I was on the train with Adam with I whipped out Michael Moore's Mike's 2008 Election Guide and heard a dumb bitch gasp, "Ohmygod, she's reading Michael Moore AAAAAAAND she's wearing a Barack Obama button!"

I replied, though she didn't WANT me to, "It's a REALLY good book!" Bitch proceeded to tell her friend how Michael Moore created propaganda (idiots LOVE to perpetuate this rumor, when the man operates on F-A-C-T-S! Check them, you flabby bastards!) As the girls got up to exits (after admitting to one another that they'd NEVER seen Fahrenheit 9/11) I called them CUNTS. I said, "CUNTS!" and they said NOTHING. It was beautiful. I wish Barack Obama had been sitting in my lap or vice versa. Well, Michael Moore saaaaaaays in his book that it's time for the Dems to STOP being nice. Done and DONE! CUNTS!!!

This Is One Very Angry Woman!

Getting RAPED By The 800 Pound Gorilla...
By Greg PurcellTo paraphrase Harry Truman: How many times do you have to get screwed before you figure out who's doing SCREWING?

1,2,3 No McCain and Palin For Me!
Clinton Supporters Never Say Die
It remains to be seen how many Clinton supporters will transfer their enthusiasm (or at least, their votes) to the party's nominee, Sen. Barack Obama -- especially now that Sen. John McCain is running with a woman, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, as No. 2 on the Republican ticket. Read More

If This Is Going To Be The Response: “A Woman No Matter What” The credibility of women in politics will be savaged for years to come as it will paint the picture of “a woman” before principles, “a woman” before integrity and “quality and ability” mean nothing as the “Emily’s List” mentality becomes corrupted fanaticism…a guide to a new divide.

september 14, 2008 Impeach Bush Impeach Cheney The Truth About The ...By Jerry(Jerry) Impeach Bush Impeach Cheney The Truth About The GOP Hate is what drives the GOP. Republicans essentially believe that they are better than other people. People of other ethnic groups, other income groups, other religions, other races, ...Fresno California Liberal - http://fresnoliberal.blogspot.com/ (A Long Standing Blog)

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Your Government Lied to You. So What?By Marc Lombardo Members of the Bush Administration-Vice President Cheney seems the most clearly implicated-led an effort to forge documents alleging Iraq’s possession of WMDs. If that wasn’t enough, these documents were attributed to a source who was ...The Public Sphere - http://thepublicsphere.com

What You Can Do to Put Bush and Cheney Behind BarsBy nospam@example.com (Harold) One is that the Clinton impeachment process took roughly forever. The other is that the Bush-Cheney era is more or less over. If these myths were both true, then four months would equal both eternity and nothing. I'm not a scientist, ...JustGetThere - http://justgetthere.us/blog/

MIND-CONTROL > the war on consciousnessBy ellion(ellion) Impeaching Bush and Co. ultimately won’t change anything unless we deal with the corrupt powers which control and direct them. George Bush is just a finger-puppet of the hidden hand which animates him. Bush only has apparent power, ...Parsbod - http://www.parsbod.com/

"This election is too important" and Other 2 Party PropaghandaOpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USAWhy is there no impeachment of Bush or Cheney? Why do we continue to financially support Arab tyrannies such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia? ...See all stories on this topic


tom said...

I’m inclined to take to the streets, but Minnesota has confirmed that “They” anticipated and are prepared for that. I’m not eager to find out from the inside that the FEMA camps are real.
A general strike is appealing, but few can afford to skip work for more than a few days. Without organized labor it would be impossible, and I’ve seen no real interest on their part.
Boycotts could do the job, but they have to be national and surgical. I’d love to Boycott Wal-Mart, but where would I buy socks? We’ve stopped buying gas, but a few days later, you need it and you just buy what you didn’t the day before. However, a SELECTIVE boycott of gas would send a powerful message, and one that would not be ignored.
Let’s say we decided to enact a TOTAL ABSTINENCE boycott of Exxon/Mobil. Nobody else. Just Tony Tiger. COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE. Only petroleum products. (Unless you can confirm the attached convenience store is corporate owned – no sense penalizing small business). Perhaps we might have to drive a little further to get our fix, but the most profitable corporation in world history would soon be brought to its knees. And you better believe David Rockefeller et al would soon be calling in the chits. As yet, Blackwater can’t force us to patronize selected merchants.
A nice addition would be to try as much as possible to buy from Chavez’s CITGO. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.
Properly publicized and distributed, this has the potential to go viral and begin the process of retaking our beloved country, restoring the constitution and bringing this Criminal Cabal to the justice they so richly deserve.