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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Appalling Palin Paling And We’re Still Preaching Impeaching!

If McCain-Palin Are Elected Neil Young Will Have To Write A New Version

McBush McCain Insane: All American McCain Palin Campaign Buttons
Sep 12, 2008 ... Disclaimer. This Blog Should In No Way Be Misconstrued As Being Supportive Of A Candidate Who Is An Old Man With Old Ideas Determined To ... mcbushmccaininsane.blogspot.com/2008/09/all-american-mccain-palin-campaign.html - 7 hours ago - - Note this

Palin would support war with Russia
Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle, 09/11/08
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, emerging from media silence for her first serious interview as the GOP vice presidential pick, said Thursday that the United States might have to go to war if Russia were to invade Georgia again. And on the seventh anniversary of...

Palin leaves open option of war with Russia
Associated Press, 09/11/08
(09-11) 17:02 PDT FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska (AP) -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin left open the option Thursday of waging war with Russia if it were to invade neighboring Georgia and the former Soviet republic were a NATO ally. "We will not repeat a Cold War...

Will we wake up - and elect Obama?
San Francisco Chronicle, 09/13/08
Editor - According to polls, Sarah Palin is likely to be our next vice president, with a good chance of becoming president. We would then have a leader who is willing to go to war with a nuclear-armed Russia to defend Georgia and Ukraine; thinks we should...

Republican VP Candidate Speaks with ABC News' Charlie Gibson in Exclusive Interview

Experience is Over-Rated
by Dave Lindorff
Fri, 09/12/2008

Yesterday Sarah Palin sent her young son off to battle in Iraq to fight against "the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the deaths of thousands of Americans" on 9-11 seven years ago. What better evidence do we need of this woman's solid grasp of foreign affairs.

Sarah Palin stated again, most recently in her interview yesterday by ABC’s Charlie Gibson, that she has foreign policy experience because as governor of Alaska she has been in charge of that state’s National Guard, and because Alaska is, doggone it, “right next” to Russia.

This made me feel pretty good, because it made me realize that I have a whole lot of skills and experience which I hadn’t really appreciated before and that I could perhaps use that to get myself out of this freelance journalism profession, which is not all that great from a financial perspective.

I, for instance, live very close to the garage where my mechanic works (I mean, I drive past the place every day and even buy my gas there), so I’m ready to be a car mechanic (I can’t tell you how many cars I’ve seen being gone over there, and have even sometimes watched a bit as my own vehicles were up on the lift). I also live literally across the street from a large forest, which qualifies me to be a number of things—forest ranger, lumberjack, and perhaps naturalist.

I’ve also been to the doctor many times, so maybe I should hang a shingle and open up a medical practice. I swear I’ve got all those exam questions by memory at this point, and they’ve got nurses to do the stuff with the arm cuff and the stethoscope.

Of course, the real money these days is in law, and there I’ve really got it nailed. Not only do several lawyers live right in my neighborhood, but I’ve actually been in court and seen lawyers at work. For that matter, I even had a lawyer argue a case for me once, when I was being charged with trespassing at the Pentagon. He wasn’t successful at getting my fine and jail time dropped, but hey, you learn from other people’s failures, too. Furthermore, I actually wrote a book with a co-author who is a lawyer. With all that experience, I could certainly be an attorney.

Over the years, I’ve spent time at the seashore, and even went on a one-week ocean sailing trip, so you’d have to admit oceanography is almost in my blood. Or perhaps I could be a sea captain. I’m sure I could do at least as well as the captain of the Exxon Valdez tanker.

Come to think of it, back when I was 16, I hitchhiked up to Alaska with a friend and spent the summer thumbing around the state, so I know that place like the back of my hand, which means if Sarah Palin gets elected and goes to Washington, maybe I could be governor of Alaska.

And then, as governor I’d be commander of a National Guard unit, so I’d be qualified to be a vice president, or, should the opportunity present itself, even president of the United States.
Actually, I’d be maybe more experienced than Palin for the job, because I grew up in Connecticut, and thanks to the small size of the states in my native New England, have actually been living closer to a foreign country—Canada—than she, living in Wasilla, has been living to Russia.

In other words, when you think of it, my foreign policy experience is much greater than hers. Besides, I’ve actually visited Canada a few times, which really boosts my experience in international affairs.

I know some people think that jumping into jobs like president or vice president of the United States based upon what they might perceive as limited experience is presumptuous, but that’s because they aren’t being fair and open-minded. And I’ll admit that it’s hard, with relatively limited experience, to expect someone like Palin or me to measure up to the standard of someone like our current vice president, Dick Cheney, who came to his position after having served previously as presidential chief of staff, as secretary of defense, and as a member of Congress. I mean, that’s real experience, and it shows in the fine job he’s done as VP.

But we shouldn’t let examples like Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld, another guy who took an important government post—in his case Secretary of Defense—after having considerable prior experience—make us obsess about experience. I mean, look at our current president. George W. Bush got elected in 2000, when his experience consisted of just two terms as governor of Texas, a state where the governor has a largely ceremonial role and most of the real work of government is handled by the legislature, and look what a great job he did in the White House!

Furthermore, his only military experience was as a pilot in a Texas National Guard unit, most of which tour of duty he missed because he decided to work on his father’s failed election campaign instead, and because he didn’t want to take any drug tests, and look what a fine job he’s done as commander in chief.

This should all make Americans lighten up and be less snooty and judgemental about what they demand in terms of experience in presidential and vice presidential candidates. Palin in my view has proved her qualifications for the job. Yesterday she sent her young son off to battle in Iraq to fight against "the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the deaths of thousands of Americans" on 9-11 seven years ago. What better evidence do we need of this woman's solid grasp of foreign affairs, history and combat?

10 things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't)

John McCain voted against establishing a national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now he says his position has "evolved," yet he's continued to oppose key civil rights laws.1

According to Bloomberg News, McCain is more hawkish than Bush on Iraq, Russia and China. Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan says McCain "will make Cheney look like Gandhi."2

His reputation is built on his opposition to torture, but McCain voted against a bill to ban waterboarding, and then applauded President Bush for vetoing that ban.3

McCain opposes a woman's right to choose. He said, "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned."4

The Children's Defense Fund rated McCain as the worst senator in Congress for children. He voted against the children's health care bill last year, then defended Bush's veto of the bill.5

He's one of the richest people in a Senate filled with millionaires. The Associated Press reports he and his wife own at least eight homes! Yet McCain says the solution to the housing crisis is for people facing foreclosure to get a "second job" and skip their vacations.6

Many of McCain's fellow Republican senators say he's too reckless to be commander in chief. One Republican senator said: "The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He's erratic. He's hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."7

McCain talks a lot about taking on special interests, but his campaign manager and top advisers are actually lobbyists. The government watchdog group Public Citizen says McCain has 59 lobbyists raising money for his campaign, more than any of the other presidential candidates.8

McCain has sought closer ties to the extreme religious right in recent years. The pastor McCain calls his "spiritual guide," Rod Parsley, believes America's founding mission is to destroy Islam, which he calls a "false religion." McCain sought the political support of right-wing preacher John Hagee, who believes Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for gay rights and called the Catholic Church "the Antichrist" and a "false cult."9

He positions himself as pro-environment, but he scored a 0—yes, zero—from the League of Conservation Voters last year.10

John McCain Is Not Who The Washington Press Corps Make Him Out To Be.


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