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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let’s Put CEOs On “The Gold Standard”!

Today I heard a Right Wing Radio Talk Jock Lunatic singing the praises of Corporate Executives as regards their right to their super salaries, and at one point he said: “They are worth their weight in Gold and I would gladly have them paid that type of salary.

That’s so stupid that I agree with him. I say as a starting point in trimming CEO salaries we ought to put them on the Gold Standard as a sort of transition into reality.

Now before you write me off as being half nuts tonight; let’s take a really big CEO making $100 million plus in his total compensation/perks/options package, (and I might note here that the more words in the descriptor, the bigger the haul), but, a really Big CEO…300 pounds!

With gold at an average of $800 an ounce, let’s just do a little math: (300 lbs. x 16 ounces in a lb=4,800 ounces. 4,800 (x) $800 per= $3,840,000.

Now let’s just check that math. We want to be “fair”! $800 per ounce (x) 16 ounces in a pound and our CEO is worth $4,800 a lb. That’s a pretty good price for shit. So our 300 lb CEO (x) $4,800 gets…yep…$3,840,000 instead of $100 million plus. Put them on the “Gold standard; it’s a start!

Oh! And Bush at $400,000; we’re getting cheated all to hell, but then we all knew that already. Anyway; the average carpet bagging sack of shit CEO weighs in at 175 lbs. (x) $4,800, or $834,000. Now that’s over twice George’s take home, so maybe as an immediate transitional adjustment  “The Gold Standard” might be just about right. 

Then we can work on merit pay for execs including wage freezes and decreases for failure, fraud and general fucking up. 

See what I mean; you have to start somewhere and have a growing program for the future. 

You just can’t get it all with one bite. 

Their asses are too big!

Do you detect a bit of sarcasm here tonight?

Mercy I just started checking all those salaries and I can save trillion$!

Hell with the $700 Billion; I just solved the entire problem with money left over!