"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Nation Is On A Knife’s Edge…Literally.

I have warned everyone that this day was coming.

New Impeachment Tools Blog Page.


Now Is The Time To Bombard Judiciary Committee Members And Your Congress Criminals Relentlessly To Move Forward To Hearings! Enough Voices Of “We The People” Screaming For Impeachment Is The Only Way To Get The Traitorous Congress To Act while this nation is still peaceful.

We would be more effective with 1,000s converging on the house physically than 1,000s of emails, phone calls and fax messages…both would be better and if nothing is done by August you can save your time planning to campaign for any Democrat, because it won’t matter and it won’t do any good!

Having just returned from a private conclave in Colorado; I can assure you that action of this issue and several other fronts is not forth coming before August this country will be confronted with violent actions, the Democrats will not regain The White House and a course of downward spiraling into near revolution will begin in this nation.

Using the “alcoholic analogy” that I have resorted to before; If America cannot stand up NOW it will be driven to the bottom of the bottle, driven to get as bad as necessary for people to stop talking and get rid of every corrupt member of Congress by either defeat at the elections or forcing their resignation as the price for the restoration of order.

It is happening! Once again, as with the Vietnam Era, America is looking in the wrong direction, the media is silent and the police powers that will be called upon to deal with disaster are outnumbered and will face citizens prepared to die. It is not a matter of whether one condones civil disruption and violent resistance; it is a matter of the public and our leaders preventing it by acting to resolve the grievances provide for justice and a resumption of Congress fulfilling its oath. Failure will find blood on many hands.

It has gone this far as the pent up rage of some Americans who have lost faith in even we who are trying our best at peaceful actions is being organized skillfully into a huge potent force that will unleash a proverbial “Pandora’s Box. Traditional wisdom and advice is irrelevant to those prepared for massive confrontation this summer. I will have more to say in a future blog post in the next couple of days.

We and the Congress have very few days left to address the Constitutional Crisis that faces this nation. Hearings must come quickly, be focused and efficient and government officials who fail to yield to subpoenas must be arrested on the spot. The time for fun and games is over!

There is a force in the shadows; it is poised to emerge and over come.

Kucinich Vows to Reintroduce Impeach Articles if Dems Let Them Die in Committee

Ohio Congressman Says He'll Bring More Co-Cosponsors; Promises 'We'll Come Back with 60 Articles, Not 35'

It Is Time for us to make it impossible for The House Judiciary Committee to do anything else but to commence hearings. They do not have a piece of paper by floor motion to simple put in the file cabinet. They need to understand, in the most strident terms that as the article below is entitled: “The Republic Is On A Knife’s Edge” …literally!

The Republic on a Knife's Edge
By one vote, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected President George W. Bush's right to imprison people he calls "unlawful enemy combatants" indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay. But this issue of an all-powerful Executive may spill over to the November election. June 13, 2008

The disposable oath
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
Kucinich made a prima facie case, but that's not news to anyone with an attention span greater than a goldfish. What's news is that Congress is obliged by ...

Kucinich's impeachment bid likely to languish in committee
Columbus Dispatch - Columbus,OH,USA
They also banished Kucinich’s attempt last year to impeach Vice President Cheney to the judiciary committee, where it has languished without hearings. ...
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Stand with Kucinich: Impeach Bush! - The Petition Site
Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has just introduced articles of impeachment against President George Bush. Please urge your member of Congress to stand with Kuninich and support impeachment

House votes to send impeachment resolution to Judiciary Committee

By Nick Juliano Wednesday, 11 June 2008 Visited 20635 times, 5022 today

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to the Judiciary Committee for review.

The impeachment resolution’s sponsor, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, requested a recorded vote on the motion around 3 p.m. Wednesday, and 24 Republicans joined nearly all Democrats in voting to send the impeachment measure to the committee.

The motion passed 251-166.

“It is imperative that Members of Congress have a thorough opportunity to read the Articles of Impeachment and study the documentation,” Kucinich said in a news release Tuesday. “When they do, I am confident that they will agree that it is both appropriate and necessary for the Judiciary Committee to begin hearings on the Resolution.”

Kucinich took to the floor of the House Monday evening to read his 35 articles of impeachment, accusing Bush of war crimes, breaking his oath of office and misleading Americans to launch an illegal invasion of Iraq. The Ohio Democrat said impeachment was the only way to keep Bush from launching another invasion of Iran.

The Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), already has before it articles of impeachment aimed at Vice President Dick Cheney. Since receiving that impeachment measure in November, the committee has done nothing.

Democratic leaders in the House seem determined to block the latest impeachment measure as well, and it remains all-but-impossible that the House would proceed with impeachment hearings before Bush leaves office.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sticking by her earlier pledge to make sure impeaching Bush and Cheney is an option that remains strictly “off the table.”


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House Votes Impeachment Resolution To Committee

POSTED June 11, 2:40 PM

Don't get too excited. It sounds better than it is. In the end, there were really only three options. The first, tabling the resolution, was an absolute death sentence. The bill would have been thrown into the abyss of unsupported bills that will never be discussed again. The second option was a full debate on the House floor. That had about as much a chance as a snowball in hell. Finally, the third option (and the one Rep. Kucinich supported) was a vote to send the bill to the House Judiciary Committee where it would, no doubt, sink to the bottom of the list of things to debate and, unquestionably, never see the light of day.

The House voted this afternoon to forward the bill to the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 251-166 (no Democrats voted against and 24 Republicans voted in the affirmative).

Following the vote, Rep. Kucinich was undeterred.

"Leadership wants to bury it, but this is one resolution that will be coming back from the dead," Kucinich told Capitol Briefing. "Thirty days from now, if there is no action, I will be bringing the resolution up again, and I won't be the only one reading it." (Link)

So, it's done for now. But Kucinich deserves major props for standing up and taking the stand. I've received scores of comments on these posts, more than on any other topic I've ever written about. The level of interest in this story has surprised even me, and I've thought for some time there was more support for this move than what's been reported in the media (or, rather, not been reported in the media). My sense is most Republicans are completely unaware, clueless if you will, of the extent and depth of anger and disgust over the course our country's taken in the last seven years.

A long journey begins with a single step.

Elizabeth Holtzman: An Analysis of Kucinich's Impeachment Case ...
By Elizabeth Holtzman
Dennis Kucinich's introduction of articles of impeachment against President Bush as quixotic, but it's not. Twenty House Republicans joined nearly all House Democrats in voting to send the articles to the Judiciary Committee. ...
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Gore Vidal’s Articles of Impeachment
By willyloman
Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment presented to the House in order that two faithless public servants be removed from office for crimes against the American people. As I listened to Rep. Kucinich invoke the great engine of ...
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Impeachment, the Election Issue
By davidswanson
By Christian Avard, Huffington Post. read more.
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Cafferty Scolds House Democrats for Not Pushing to Impeach Bush
By Brent Baker
Six months after he chastised Congress for not following George McGovern's advice to impeach President Bush, CNN's Jack Cafferty on Thursday scolded House Democrats for disposing of the latest impeachment effort by the far-left Dennis ...
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Comparison of Impeachment Stories Reveals the Intellectual Death ...
By Bob Fertik
Here is today's pathetic page 2 Pentagon Post article about impeachment by cub reporter Ben Pershing. The article almost completely ignores the substance of Kucinich's 35 Articles, and instead is infused with Pershing's attitude towards ...Democrats.com - The Aggressive... - http://www.democrats.com

Kucinich Introduces 35 Articles of Impeachment Against Bush
Political Cortex - New York,NY,USA
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House Works To Kill Impeachment Measure
Examiner.com - USA
Kucinich's resolution for President Bush's impeachment is being stonewalled by House Democratic leadership. There will likely be a vote today recommending ...See all stories on this topic

Impeachment Cosponsors Wanted!
By Bob Fertik
Dennis Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment, H.Res. 1258, needs Cosponsors so we can pressure Speaker Pelosi and Judiciary Chairman John Conyers into starting impeachment hearings. (We will update the list on the right as we learn of new ...
Democrats.com - The Aggressive... - http://www.democrats.com

Kucinich: Judiciary Committee must begin review of impeachment ...
By aaron
“The weight of evidence contained in the articles makes it clear that President Bush violated the Constitution and the US Code as well as international law,” said the Ohio lawmaker, whose efforts to impeach Bush and Vice President Dick ...
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Robert Wexler's impeachment support makes 'common sense'
By Signs of the Times(Signs of the Times)
So thank you, Robert Wexler, for making headlines Wednesday by saying it was your "sworn duty" to support a resolution by fellow congressman and former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich proposing the impeachment of President George ...
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Hon. Robert Wexler Best VP Candidate For Obama
By Jim Garton(Jim Garton)
Robert wexler. Why is he the best selection for Obama? 1. He is a Congressman from Florida which is a state Obama needs. 2. He can help Obama win over the Jewish vote which is a large Democratic voting block. ...
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Vets meet w/ John Conyers, Kucinich, & Wexler Wed, 6/11 re:IMPEACH
By Rich Gardner
This Pic shows VFP Prez Elliot Adams w/ House Judiciary Committee Chair, John Conyers. VFP DC Organizing dynamo, Tony Teolis, shown here, presenting Conyers with thousands of IMPEACH signatures. While most of the 20 some Veterans were ...
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Impeachment to Prevent Pardons
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
The commencement of impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush is imperative for a simple reason: to prevent him from issuing 10000 ...

Support a Pro-Impeachment Candidate

Posted by willyloman on June 13, 2008

“Kucinich Has Exposed the Democratic Complicty”

by Michael Cavlan from OpEd News, here.

Dennis Kucinich just released 35 counts against George Bush, calling for Impeachment. He is being ignored by the media. We all need to condemn the corporate media for their continued betrayal of the public trust by its silence on this. This betrayal is even worse than the corporate media aiding the Bush Administration lies that got us into the illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

It is true that the brave Representative from Ohio has been marginalized and demonized by those in the corporate media. However, we must remember that that marginalization and demonization have not just been by the corporate media. There have been many willing partners in crime from within the political establishment. The corporate media blackout has had allies.

For this blackout to be broken, Progressive Democrats of America, Move On and every other progressive group need to call for Senator Obama to publicly call for Impeachment. Make it clear that if he does not do so, right now, that they will publicly withdraw support from Senator Obama and publicly support Cynthia McKinney and/or Ralph Nader. We need to make the same case for every politician running: that if they do not support Kucinich that we will publicly not support them and will indeed support any Independent that runs against them, now and in the future.

Most importantly, having Senator Obama and others making it clear that they support an Impeachment investigation will force the corporate media to cover the story. This will then provide the evidence needed to convince the American public just how deep and insidious the crimes of the Bush Administration are. This simple act of courage by progressive groups could propel Impeachment into the minds and consciousness of the public of our country. It can make the oft-heard term “holding their feet to the fire” have real meaning and relevance.

On the other hand, to not push this will do one thing and one thing only. It is unarguable that the Democratic majority has proven to be worse than spineless. For progressives to not publicly pressure the Democratic Party leadership in this manner will actually reward them for their cowardice. At this stage, this is the only leverage we have left.

Impeachment really is this important, and you all know it. Make them prove that Impeachment was not taken off the table because they had something to hide under the table. Or we can assume that they did have something to hide, in which case, they do not deserve our support. It will become undeniable that the Democratic Party leadership would rather lose the election to John McInsane and the Republicans than to push for Impeachment. It will be proof positive of their complicity, the fact that they are coconspirators in the crimes of the Bush Administration.

If we all come to that horrifying reality, we can then be truly aware of how bad the situation is that we find ourselves in. It also gives We The People the responsibility to create real and lasting change for ourselves and the world in which we live.

It is up to us progressives. This is our opportunity to shine. We can choose to follow the courage and lead of Representative of Dennis Kucinich. Let us not waste this last opportunity for accountability. History can applaud us or history can condemn us.

The choice is ours to make.

Michael Cavlan RN
Candidate US Senate 2008

The Kucinich 9/11-related Articles of Impeachment

The Kucinich 9/11-related Articles of Impeachment


911 Blogger | June 10, 2008

Read Full Text Here

Article XXXIII

Repeatedly Ignored And Failed To Respond To High Level Intelligence Warnings Of Planned Terrorist Attacks In The Us, Prior To 911

In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution "to take care that the laws be faithfully executed", has both personally and acting through his agents and subordinates, together with the Vice President, failed in his Constitutional duties to take proper steps to protect the nation prior to September 11, 2001.

VIDEO: Kucinich Reads Impeachment Article #33

The White House’s top counter-terrorism adviser, Richard A. Clarke, has testified that from the beginning of George W. Bush’s presidency until September 11, 2001, Clarke attempted unsuccessfully to persuade President Bush to take steps to protect the nation against terrorism. Clarke sent a memorandum to then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice on January 24, 2001, "urgently" but unsuccessfully requesting "a Cabinet-level meeting to deal with the impending al Qaeda attack."

In April 2001, Clarke was finally granted a meeting, but only with second-in-command department representatives, including Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who made light of Clarke’s concerns.

Clarke confirms that in June, July, and August, 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned the president in daily briefings of unprecedented indications that a major al Qaeda attack was going to happen against the United States somewhere in the world in the weeks and months ahead. Yet, Clarke was still unable to convene a cabinet-level meeting to address the issue.

Condoleezza Rice has testified that George Tenet met with the president 40 times to warn him that a major al-Qaeda attack was going to take place, and that in response the president did not convene any meetings of top officials. At such meetings, the FBI could have shared information on possible terrorists enrolled at flight schools. Among the many preventive steps that could have been taken, the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines, and airports might have been put on full alert.

According to Condoleezza Rice, the first and only cabinet-level meeting prior to 9/11 to discuss the threat of terrorist attacks took place on September 4, 2001, one week before the attacks in New York and Washington.

On August 6, 2001, President Bush was presented a President’s Daily Brief (PDB) article titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." The lead sentence of that PDB article indicated that Bin Laden and his followers wanted to "follow the example of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and ‘bring the fighting to America.’" The article warned: "Al-Qa’ida members—including some who are US citizens— have resided in or traveled to the US for years, and the group apparently maintains a support structure that could aid attacks."

The article cited a "more sensational threat reporting that Bin Laden wanted to hijack a US aircraft," but indicated that the CIA had not been able to corroborate such reporting. The PDB item included information from the FBI indicating "patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York." The article also noted that the CIA and FBI were investigating "a call to our embassy in the UAE in May saying that a group of Bin Laden supporters was in the US planning attacks with explosives."

The president spent the rest of August 6, and almost all the rest of August 2001 on vacation. There is no evidence that he called any meetings of his advisers to discuss this alarming report. When the title and substance of this PDB article were later reported in the press, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice began a sustained campaign to play down its significance, until the actual text was eventually released by the White House.

New York Times writer Douglas Jehl, put it this way: "In a single 17-sentence document, the intelligence briefing delivered to President Bush in August 2001 spells out the who, hints at the what and points towards the where of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that followed 36 days later."

Eleanor Hill, Executive Director of the joint congressional committee investigating the performance of the US intelligence community before September 11, 2001, reported in mid-September 2002 that intelligence reports a year earlier "reiterated a consistent and constant theme: Osama bin Laden’s intent to launch terrorist attacks inside the United States."

That joint inquiry revealed that just two months before September 11, an intelligence briefing for "senior government officials" predicted a terrorist attack with these words: "The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning."

Given the White House’s insistence on secrecy with regard to what intelligence was given to President Bush, the joint-inquiry report does not divulge whether he took part in that briefing. Even if he did not, it strains credulity to suppose that those "senior government officials" would have kept its alarming substance from the president.

Again, there is no evidence that the president held any meetings or took any action to deal with the threats of such attacks.

In all of these actions and decisions, President George W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President, and subversive of constitutional government, to the prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, President George W. Bush, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office.

Article XXXIV

Obstruction Of Investigation Into The Attacks Of September 11, 2001

In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution "to take care that the laws be faithfully executed", has both personally and acting through his agents and subordinates, together with the Vice President, obstructed investigations into the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

VIDEO: Kucinich Reads Impeachment Article #34

Following September 11, 2001, President Bush and Vice President Cheney took strong steps to thwart any and all proposals that the circumstances of the attack be addressed. Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell was forced to renege on his public promise on September 23 that a "White Paper" would be issued to explain the circumstances. Less than two weeks after that promise, Powell apologized for his "unfortunate choice of words," and explained that Americans would have to rely on "information coming out in the press and in other ways."

On Sept. 26, 2001, President Bush drove to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Langley, Virginia, stood with Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet and said: "My report to the nation is, we’ve got the best intelligence we can possibly have thanks to the men and women of the C.I.A." George Tenet subsequently and falsely claimed not to have visited the president personally between the start of Bush’s long Crawford vacation and September 11, 2001.

Testifying before the 9/11 Commission on April 14, 2004, Tenet answered a question from Commission member Timothy Roemer by referring to the president’s vacation (July 29-August 30) in Crawford and insisting that he did not see the president at all in August 2001. "You never talked with him?" Roemer asked. "No," Tenet replied, explaining that for much of August he too was "on leave." An Agency spokesman called reporters that same evening to say Tenet had misspoken, and that Tenet had briefed Bush on August 17 and 31. The spokesman explained that the second briefing took place after the president had returned to Washington, and played down the first one, in Crawford, as uneventful.

In his book, At the Center of the Storm, (2007) Tenet, refers to what is almost certainly his August 17 visit to Crawford as a follow-up to the "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US" article in the CIA prepared President’s Daily Brief of August 6. That briefing was immortalized in a Time Magazine photo capturing Harriet Myers holding the PDB open for the president, as two CIA officers sit by. It is the same briefing to which the president reportedly reacted by telling the CIA briefer, "All right, you’ve covered your ass now." (Ron Suskind, The One-Percent Doctrine, p. 2, 2006). In At the Center of the Storm, Tenet writes: "A few weeks after the August 6 PDB was delivered, I followed it to Crawford to make sure that the president stayed current on events."

A White House press release suggests Tenet was also there a week later, on August 24. According to the August 25, 2001, release, President Bush, addressing a group of visitors to Crawford on August 25, told them: "George Tenet and I, yesterday, we piled in the new nominees for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Vice Chairman and their wives and went right up the canyon."

In early February, 2002, Vice President Dick Cheney warned then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle that if Congress went ahead with an investigation, administration officials might not show up to testify. As pressure grew for an investigation, the president and vice president agreed to the establishment of a congressional joint committee to conduct a "Joint Inquiry." Eleanor Hill, Executive Director of the Inquiry, opened the Joint Inquiry’s final public hearing in mid-September 2002 with the following disclaimer: "I need to report that, according to the White House and the Director of Central Intelligence, the president’s knowledge of intelligence information relevant to this inquiry remains classified, even when the substance of the intelligence information has been declassified."

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, also known as the 9/11 Commission, was created on November 27, 2002, following the passage of congressional legislation signed into law by President Bush. The President was asked to testify before the Commission. He refused to testify except for one hour in private with only two Commission members, with no oath administered, with no recording or note taking, and with the Vice President at his side. Commission Co-Chair Lee Hamilton has written that he believes the commission was set up to fail, was underfunded, was rushed, and did not receive proper cooperation and access to information.

A December 2007 review of classified documents by former members of the Commission found that the commission had made repeated and detailed requests to the CIA in 2003 and 2004 for documents and other information about the interrogation of operatives of Al Qaeda, and had been told falsely by a top C.I.A. official that the agency had "produced or made available for review" everything that had been requested.

In all of these actions and decisions, President George W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President, and subversive of constitutional government, to the prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, President George W. Bush, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office.

Mainstream media yawns as Kucinich offers impeachment

On Monday evening, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to read out 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush in an almost five-hour marathon.

Kucinich's action made an immediate splash on the Internet. For example, at progressive website Democratic Underground, the historic performance quickly garnered an astonishing 56 separate threads on the most-recommended list.

By noon on Tuesday, RAW STORY's article on the subject was the top political story of the day at digg.com and the 10th most popular for the last year. A separate article at afterdowningstreet.org was also high in the ratings. Both sites, as well as Kucinich's own webpage, were experiencing slowdowns due to the volume of traffic.

However, the mainstream media were far more reticent in their coverage of Kucinich's resolution -- much as they were following the release last week of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the administration's misuse of prewar intelligence. For example, the Washington Post and USA Today had short items in their blog sections, while other major outlets merely ran wire service coverage from AP or Reuters.

Kucinich supporter John Kusumi responded angrily at OpEdNews, writing, "The most important thing going happened on Monday night. An event that matters greatly to the course of history and to all Americans. Did you hear about it? Did ABC, CBS, and NBC break into normal programming with special coverage? Are there special alerts and bulletins on the cable news networks, where people can see them? No, no, and no!"

NewsHounds was equally scathing, saying, "So, what if they impeached the president and nobody reported it? As of 3AM EDT the goddam liberal media is largely silent on Dennis Kucinich's introduction of Articles of Impeachment on the floor of the House last night. Are they afraid of getting it 'wrong'? Just report it, as does RawStory. ... No matter what you think of it, this is news. News. Relevant, important, history-making news. It was live, on C-Span. Reality TV. Yet our most famous, trusted, 24/7/365 cable news media outlets are asleep at the wheel - or holding back. Neither is a good option."

More considered analysis of the actual political and historical significance of Kucinich's move was mixed. At The Huffington Post, political historian Joseph A. Palermo, the author of Robert F. Kennedy And the Death of American Idealism, headlined a blog entry "Dennis Kucinich Makes History Again - Impeach Bush!"

Palermo wrote, "Kucinich's lengthy and detailed indictment of this wayward president is the most thorough and powerful case made to date. He outlined a litany of high crimes and misdemeanors and showed without a shadow of a doubt that George W. Bush deserves to be impeached and removed from office. Kucinich made clear that Bush has violated his oath of office and his Constitutional duty that the laws be 'faithfully executed.'"

In contrast, Salon.com's political blogger, Alex Koppelman, wrote dismissively, "Some liberals in the blogosphere are complaining about the dearth of coverage of Kucinich's resolution. I have to disagree -- as I've pointed out before, when discussing complaints of liberal bias from the right, the media is in the business of covering news. This barely qualifies; if it deserves mention in the mainstream media at all, it certainly doesn't deserve to be accorded the status of something big and breaking. I'm sorry, but the action of a lone congressman who's widely considered something of a laughingstock, especially when it's clear that action will never come to anything, just isn't especially newsworthy."

Jim Trakas, Kucinich's Republican opponent in next fall's Congressional election also took the opportunity to blast his rival, complaining that "on the day his constituents first started paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline, Congressman Kucinich uses his time and efforts for more political games and not trying to solve the real problems in Washington."

WASHINGTON - The House has voted to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to a committee that is not likely to hold hearings before the end of his term.

By a vote of 251 to 166, House members dispatched the measure to a committee on Wednesday - a procedure often used to kill legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi long ago declared the prospects for impeachment proceedings "off the table."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who ran for president earlier this year, insists that his bill deserves more consideration. Kucinich says that Bush committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" when he made a flawed case for going to war against Iraq.

No hearings are expected for impeachment articles already offered against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Woolsey Supports Effort to Impeach President Bush
Common Dreams (press release) - Portland,ME,USA
“Five years ago, President Bush undertook a deliberate and concerted campaign to send our nation to war against Iraq. This was not a war of necessity, ...See all stories on this topic

Americans Want Bush Impeached Far More Than They Ever Supported ...
By Marc McDonald(Marc McDonald)
In 1998, when the media was in a feeding frenzy over Clinton's impeachment, polls consistently showed that Americans opposed impeachment. Not only that, but Clinton's approval rating actually increased during the impeachment proceedings ...
BeggarsCanBeChoosers.com - http://www.beggarscanbechoosers.com/

Rep. Nadler Facing Intense Pressure to Impeach
By davidswanson
Jerrold Nadler in the Democratic primary in New York’s Eighth Congressional District, voiced his support for the Articles of Impeachment introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich against George W. Bush. ...

House kills Bush impeachment resoloution
By DENA BUNIS, Washington Bureau Chief
Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach President Bush to the Judiciary Committee, effectively killing the former Democratic presidential hopeful’s measure. It’s not that the Democrats are so fond of Bush, it’s just that they know such ...
Total Buzz - http://totalbuzz.freedomblogging.com

Animals aloft are a sign that impeachment might fly
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
By NICK COLEMAN, Star Tribune On the same day that articles of impeachment against George W. Bush were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, ...

Kucinich pushes bid to impeach Bush <.
Aljazeera.net - Qatar


A US congressman and former presidential candidate is vowing not to give up his fight to impeach the president over going to war in Iraq, after the House of ...

Kucinic wants to impeach Bush
Macedonia - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
A Republican of Croatian origin, Dennis Kucinich, who is a former Democrat presidential candidate from Ohio, presented a resolution to impeach President ...

Dean Says Dems Not Sent To Congress To Impeach Bush

Media General Washington Bureau - Washington,DC,USA
By Staff WASHINGTON – Voters did not hand Democrats control of Congress two years ago in order to impeach President Bush, said Democratic National Committee ...http://www.mgwashington.com/index.php/news/article/dean-says-dems-not-sent-to-congress-to-impeach-bush/1232

House Votes to Send Impeachment Articles to Committee

By Jason Leopold
The Public Record
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 Published in : Politics

Congress voted Wednesday to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to the House Judiciary Committee for review where it will likely be shelved.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the privileged resolution Monday on the House floor where he spent four-hours reading the impeachment articles for a wide-range of crimes including lying to Congress and the public to win support for the Iraq war. A privileged resolution is seen largely as a procedural maneuver requiring Congress to take up the measure within two legislative days.

The House voted 251-166 to send the resolution to the Judiciary Committee.

On Tuesday, Congressman Robert Wexler, (D-Fla.), signed on as a co-sponsor of the measure.

In a statement Tuesday, Kucinich, a former 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, said, "It is imperative that members of Congress have a thorough opportunity to read the articles of impeachment and study the documentation," Kucinich said in a statement. "When they do, I am confident that they will agree that it is both appropriate and necessary for the Judiciary Committee to begin hearings."

The Democratic leadership in Congress has long been opposed to the impeachment of President Bush. Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said impeachment is “off the table” because it would hinder the Democrats’ chances of securing a bigger majority in Congress come November and could result in a public backlash and cause the party to lose the November presidential election.

"Speaker Pelosi will continue to lead legislative efforts to find a new direction in Iraq but believes that impeachment would create a divisive battle, be a distraction from Congress's efforts to chart a new course for America's working families and would ultimately fail," Pelosi's spokesman, Nadeam Elshami, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer Tuesday.

Congress has not considered impeachment because the Democratic leadership believes it will hurt their party's chances of securing the White House in November's hotly contested presidential election between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. Additionally, Democrats said they do not have enough votes to support a move to impeach the president.

Democrats would consider initiating impeachment proceedings if the president authorizes a military strike against Iran without first consulting Congress, according to a May 8 letter sent to President Bush by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers.

"Late last year, Senator Joseph Biden stated unequivocally that “the president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran, and if he does, as Foreign Relations Committee chairman, I will move to impeach” the president.

"We agree with Senator Biden, and it is our view that if you do not obtain the constitutionally required congressional authorization before launching preemptive military strikes against Iran or any other nation, impeachment proceedings should be pursued, Conyers' letter says.

Kucinich says impeachment is warranted because President Bush misled "the American people and members of Congress to believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction so as to manufacture a false case for war."

"President George W. Bush, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office," Kucinich said. "In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed the following abuses of power..."

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence agreed. Last week, the committee released a long-awaited report on prewar Iraq intelligence that concluded President Bush and Vice President Cheney knowingly lied to the public and to Congress about Iraq's links to al-Qaeda and the threat the country posed to the U.S. in the aftermath of 9/11.

That would be an impeachable offense, according to former Nixon counsel John Dean.

"To put it bluntly, if Bush has taken Congress and the nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked," Dean wrote in a June 6, 2003 column for findlaw.com.

"Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence data, if proven, could be "a high crime" under the Constitution's impeachment clause. It would also be a violation of federal criminal law, including the broad federal anti-conspiracy statute, which renders it a felony "to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose.

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