"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!" - Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) -

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Hampshire Legislature Fails To Live Up To State’s Proud History And Tradition.

"Vivre Libres Ou Mourir (Live FreeOr Die )”

Dedicated To Betty Hall, all The New England and those Supporters of HR24 across this land, heirs of the spirit and conviction of Sam Adams, supporters of The Declaration Of Independence, Defenders of The Constitution Of The United State, our contemporary sentinel “Sons and Daughters” of Liberty. Your efforts are not in vain and our mission is not over.

The Bill is on the table, not off the table, and politicians convinced that their actions will have negative consequences, will act accordingly!

Concord, New Hampshire ----- HR24, the Petition to Commence Impeachment Procedures in the United States Congress submitted by NH Representative Betty Hall, was tabled by the New Hampshire House on Wednesday, April 16. The vote was 227 to 95 to table the petition. Before the tabling motion was made, there was limited debate, during which most Republicans left the House floor.

The tabling motion was made by the Democratic floor leader, Dan Eaton of Stoddard and spoken for by the Democratic Majority Leader, Mary Jane Wallner of Concord. The tabling motion by the Democratic leadership cut off all further debate, defying the New Hampshire tradition of open debate on the floor of the House.

A poison pill amendment offered by Albert Baldasaro, Republican of Londonderry - a partisan and shameless attack on District 1 Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter - appears to have been successful in intimidating Democratic leadership.

The petition is tabled, but unresolved and will be brought back to the floor. Representative Betty Hall continues to plan for a full debate and vote, as every bill is given that opportunity as a long tradition in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

When one thinks of the state of New Hampshire its state motto rings through all the political turmoil of this land, through all of the darkness and darkest moments as the ultimate statement of all American Patriots: “Live Free Or Die!” It is the best-known of all state mottos, partly because it speaks to an aggressive independence inherent in American political philosophy and because of its contrast to the milder sentiments found in other such mottos. It is an advocates motto; it is an activists motto!

When one thinks of New Hampshire the image of the strength of the States great granite “Old Man Of The Mountain” is fixed in our mind’s eye. New Hampshire conjures up images of strength, resolve, determination and dedication to the highest ideals of American Democracy.

The motto "Live Free Or Die," was voiced by General John Stark, the state’s most distinguished hero of the Revolutionary War, and the world famous Old Man of the Mountain was voted the official state emblem.

The motto was part of a volunteer toast which General Stark sent to his wartime comrades, in which he declined an invitation to head up a 32nd anniversary reunion of the 1777 Battle of Bennington in Vermont, because of poor health. The toast said in full:

"Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils."

The following year, a similar invitation (also declined) said: "The toast, sir, which you sent us in 1809 will continue to vibrate with unceasing pleasure in our ears, "Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils."

The motto still stands but “The Old Man Of The Mountain” has sadly fallen away, and one is sorely tempted to observes that the resolve of the New Hampshire legislator, and indeed some citizens of New Hampshire, crumbled with that great granite edifice.

Discovered 1805—Collapsed May 3, 2003
click on "The Old Man" to see screensaver

"Up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign
to show that there He makes men."
—Daniel Webster

In these Mountains, and in our hearts...
you will live forever.

Those words were betrayed yesterday and today the reputation, respect and regard accorded this great state have dimmed, have been diminished.

THE OLD MAN SPEAKS (The Eye Of The Storm)

For over 10,000 long years I looked down upon the beauty of New Hampshire,
The place I call home.
Carved from the ancient glaciers, I held stories within me from times long past.
I may have looked the same from a distance
But if you looked close you would see the weathered lines that the wind, rain, ice and snow continued to chisel
Into this Old Man's face.
This ever changing New England weather continued to constantly re-create me
As it does those who I looked down upon.
We were building character together and my love for you grew.

Expressions of wonder, excitement, and love were the joys I loved to look down upon.
Thousands of you flocking to enjoy the beauty of this notch
That is why I was created
To draw you to love the beauty of these White Mountains.
Some of you even climbed up to take a closer look.
You touched my face.
The warmth of your flesh and blood against my cold granite skin moved me as much as it did you.
Some of you hung seemingly trapped for hours because I did not want to leave your embrace so soon.

Yet, for everything there is a season,
And in the early spring of 2003 my time to look down upon you from this peak was over.
As quietly as I could this Old Man came down from his lofty perch.
It was not because I wanted to leave you.
You cared for me, restored me, and I am eternally grateful, but I was not meant to sit here forever.
It was time to return to the earth from where I began
It was time to be free.

Do not cry tears of sadness for me, only tears of joy.
For I am not gone from this hallowed place; my spirit remains.
I walk with you now.
It is time for you to look upon this state as I once did and care for each other the way you cared for me.
It is you who make up New Hampshire not me.
The torch has now been passed
You must be the guardians of each other now.

The rocks, the trees, the water, the wind, rain and snow
All carry my life force through these mountains.
This Old Man has not left you but changed.
I move freely now.
No longer do I simply sit here looking down upon you
But now I soar and sing and embrace each one of you.

So continue to come to this hallowed place.
Feel my spirit and care for this earth as you cared for me.
Protect it, nurture it, and feel restored as you walk among this beauty.
Gaze up on a clear and sunny day and you will see me.
Look into each other's eyes; you will find me there.
I have not died
I am here still
Only now I live

Edwina Landry, Concord, NH, May 6, 2003

Though the news is not new; this post is a tribute to those who have expended so much time and effort in a righteous cause in the face of reluctant, recalcitrant and recklessly apathetic fellow Americans, those willing to permit injustice to be institutionalized because it is too much trouble, too inconvenient to take a stand in the defense of this nation at home.

Published: Thursday, April 17, 2008 : House balks at Bush impeachment bill

By KEVIN LANDRIGAN Telegraph Staff

CONCORD – The House of Representatives turned down a move to support impeachment charges against President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday.

After a 45-minute debate, the House voted, 227-95, to table the measure.

Rep. Betty Hall, D-Brookline, made a passionate plea for this nonbinding resolution, rebutting claims that Bush critics should simply allow the election to replace him to occur.

"How can we evaluate our presidential candidates and elect a new government without knowing how we got into this dire situation?" Hall asked rhetorically.In 1973, the New Hampshire House soundly rejected supporting the impeachment of then-President Richard Nixon and Hall admitted at the time she had lacked the courage to support it.

"I have regretted that lack of courage every since," Hall said.

The charges against Bush are even more serious as she claimed they amount to lying to Congress about the war in Iraq, invading the personal privacy of Americans and torturing suspected terrorists.

"I'm not scared anymore," Hall said. "There is now support across the political spectrum for impeachment and for this petition. Many people are standing up."

Rep. Paul McEachen, D-Portsmouth, recalled that debate 35 years ago when the Republican-led House leaders called for a standing vote to shame those who had supported Nixon's eventual removal.

"I stood up along with 21 others and was proud to do it," McEachern said.

This resolution involves a litany of other charges including the detainment of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, wiretapping of American citizens without a warrant and 1,200 bill-signing statements that purport to have the force of law and even threaten legal action against states that fail to install a controversial form of electronic voting machine.

But Rep. Kris Roberts, D-Keene, said it's wrong to only fault Bush for going to war in Iraq.

The Congress approved a pro-war resolution in 2003 as members sought to protect their own political survival by backing a president who at the time was popular, he continued.

"If Congress had done its job, the president would have had to ask for a declaration of the war," said Roberts, a retired Marine Corps officer.

Also, House Majority Leader Mary Jane Wallner, of Merrimack, said congressional leaders oppose taking up this matter with Bush leaving office in seven and a half months.

"I also know the leadership of the U.S. House has expressed its opposition to taking up impeachment in its limited time and with the gravity of issues pending before the House," Wallner said.

House Deputy Republican Leader David Hess, of Hooksett, said the allegations are "far in excess" of acts that call for impeachment.

"This is a sad experience. It is an unfortunate time. It is something that I don't think any of us look forward to or think it is among the best things that we as legislators can do," Hess said.

The vote followed the action of lawmakers in six other states that have rejected similar resolutions.

Hess, a former state prosecutor, claimed the charges of misbehavior of Bush and Cheney do not warrant the "high crimes and misdemeanors" that warrant impeachment.

"The facts aren't here; the allegations aren't here. If this were a criminal indictment, it would be thrown out by any prosecutor in this country,'" Hess said.

Last April 19, the Vermont state Senate voted, 16-9, to support impeachment along similar lines. But a few weeks later, the Vermont House rejected the resolution by an 87-60 mark.

BILL AT A GLANCE: Bill No. HR 24 SPONSOR: Rep. Betty Hall, D-Brookline

DESCRIPTION: This nonbinding resolution requests the Congress to commence an investigation into whether charges warrant the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

STATUS: The House of Representatives voted to table the bill by a count of 227-95. This parliamentary maneuver means it would take a two-thirds vote to take up the matter during the remainder of the 2008 session. by The Associated Press

And Thus It Is That New Hampshire is now on the Homeland Stupidly Watch!

These are the same people who took a stand against The National Id Program with significant vigor. Where has their courage, commitment and vision gone? Did it tumble down the mountain side in the rubble of “The Great Old Man”?


By: Devvy

March 20, 2006


"Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution." --James Madison, Federalist No. 39, January 1788

If it's one thing architects of totalitarian government out in Washington, DC, despise, it's when the states of the Union stand up and say no! We are seeing more and more state legislatures rebuff the unconstitutional laws coming out of Washington, DC, than we have in decades. One MAJOR victory came last week, although there hasn't been a peep out of any media that I've seen or read:

The New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly to reject the Transportation Committee's recommendation of ITL and in a subsequent motion to pass HB 1582, forbidding any state agency from participating in any national ID requirement. The bill is succinct and to the point:

STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE : In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Six

AN ACT prohibiting New Hampshire from participating in a national identification card system.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

Prohibition Against Participation in National Identification System. The general court finds that the public policy established by Congress in the Real ID Act of 2005, Public Law 109-13, is contrary and repugnant to Articles 1 through 10 of the New Hampshire constitution as well as Amendments 4 though 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore, the state of New Hampshire shall not participate in a national identification card system; nor shall the department of safety amend the procedures for applying for a driver's license under RSA 263 or an identification card under RSA 260:21. (text of bill)

This is an amazing and truly magnificent example of Americans who serve in a state legislature standing up to the bullying and "unfunded mandates" coming out of Washington in an effort to enslave we the people. The so-called 'National ID" has nothing to do with tracking terrorists and everything to do with turning we the people into numbered cattle to be tracked and harassed.

Ironically, the day after this major defeat for the communist crowd in Washington, DC., our local media carried an oh-so-serious segment about how California, as well as other states, are concerned they won't have the money to comply with this unfunded mandate by the feds to convert California driver's licenses into these insidious national IDs. Apparently, this isn't a concern for Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin. Last week this elected public servant who has no concern for the rights of his sovereign citizens or the U.S. Constitution released this press release:

"Doyle today signed Assembly Bill 69, which moves Wisconsin toward compliance with sweeping federal requirements mandated by the REAL ID law. In signing this legislation, the Governor was following the recommendation of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

"Tightening the process to crack down on drivers' license fraud is an important goal," Governor Doyle said. However, the federal REAL ID Act is an enormous, under-funded mandate by Congress that is going to present massive implementation challenges for every state. The federal government doesn't seem to have thought through these challenges or offered the states the necessary help, guidance, or resources to implement this mandate. That being said, the state has to comply with federal law, and this bill will allow us to begin to take the necessary steps to do so.

"States have until May of 2008 to comply with all federal REAL ID Act requirements. If states are not in compliance at that time, residents will not be able to use their drivers' licenses for federal purposes, including boarding commercial airplanes, or entering federal buildings.

"The Department of Transportation recommended I sign AB 69 at this time," Governor Doyle said. "Doing so now not only allows our Division of Motor Vehicles to begin the extensive, time-consuming programming work needed to implement REAL ID, but also guarantees that Wisconsin residents will not be prevented from boarding airplanes in spring of 2008. It will bring enhanced security to our driver's license and identification card issuance system as well." (End of excerpt)

Hello? The states of the Union DO NOT have to comply with federal law when that law is clearly a violation of the supreme law of the land and the state constitutions. Recall what I wrote in a column in December 2004:

Please note these sections: "(b) may the federal government use other actors in the governmental system and the private sector as its agents and give them orders as though they were parts of a prefectorial system? The short answer is "no." State governments are independent, although subordinated, sovereignties, not subdivisions of the federal government.

(They may as provided by Jefferson Manual, section 603 act upon Impeachment in the face of just cause(s) when the Congress fails to fulfill its obligation to do so…emphasis added, Ed.)

"Although the federal government may regulate many of their functions directly [as well, for example, it subjects state water districts to the Clean Water Act], it may not require them to exercise their own governmental powers in a manner dictated by federal law. The states may be encouraged, bribed or threatened into entering into joint federal state programs of various sorts, from unemployment insurance to Medicaid; but they may not be commanded directly to use their own governmental apparatus in the service of federal policy. There is a modest jurisprudence of the Tenth Amendment that seems to have settled on this proposition. See the DOJ [Dept. of Justice] memorandum for a fuller elaboration."

What does this mean from a constitutional position? It means that the government can bribe the states, they can threaten them, but in fact, the states cannot be forced to get down on their knees to the federal machine.

In my letter to my state rep, senator and Mr. Arnie, I provided a copy of that memorandum as well as these three cases for their legal staff to use in drafting legislation just like New Hampshire:

Marbury v Madison, U.S. v Lopez and Printz/Mack vs US.

Contrast the statement from Doyle's office with the language in the bill out of New Hampshire. This is what the people of Wisconsin need to do immediately: Call your state legislator and state senator. Tell them you will work your fingers to the bone to see they are voted out of office if they don't get new legislation to over turn this unconstitutional legislation Doyle signed. Then - and you must follow up with a snail mail demand - do as I have done: I sent to my state assemblyman, state senator and His Excellency, Govn'r Arnold, a polite letter explaining that I will NOT turn in my California driver's license for a national ID. I enclosed a copy of the NH legislation and demanded that they immediately draft legislation exactly as NH has done and get it through the legislature. Please do the same thing in your state. Cut and past this column to your word processor and send it or shave it down into a letter. This only takes a few minutes.

It is your God-given right to travel freely. One of the insidious provisions of this so-called National ID is that you won't be able to enter a federal facility, fly or take Amtrak. This is a violation of your right to travel and I have provided a healthy dose of case law here. In your letter to your state rep, senator and governor, politely tell them you and others will file a lawsuit to stop this national ID because it violates your constitutional rights. The good news is we are beginning to see more and more victories at the state level. So many of these draconian and Nazi-style laws coming out of DC can be killed by your state legislature, but it takes everyone putting on the pressure.

But it, like REAL ID, lays the groundwork for nationally standardized identification documents which everyone may eventually be required to carry at all times. And like all bad government programs, it will cause additional expense for ordinary people through duplication of effort with the REAL ID program, and will make people who accept it even less secure. The only thing made secure by this program, and others like it, is the government — secure from We the People.

And yesterday a failed New Hampshire got down on its knees to George Bush and utterly disgraced the history, traditions and reputation of the state as they became Bush whores.

Though The Melody is till sweet; the words do not ring true this day.

Old New Hampshire
Written by Dr. John F. Holmes
Composed by Maurice Hoffmann

With a skill that knows no measure,
From the golden store of Fate
God, in His great love and wisdom,
Made the rugged Granite State;
Made the lakes, the fields, the forests;
Made the Rivers and the rills;
Made the bubbling, crystal fountains
Of New Hampshire's Granite Hills.

Old New Hampshire, Old New Hampshire
Old New Hampshire Grand and Great
We will sing of Old New Hampshire,
Of the dear old Granite State.

Builded He New Hampshire glorious
From the borders to the sea;
And with matchless charm and splendor
Blessed her for eternity.
Here, the majesty of mountain;
Here, the grandeur of the lake;
Here, the truth as from the hillside
Whence her crystal waters break.

Old New Hampshire, Old New Hampshire
Old New Hampshire Grand and Great
We will sing of Old New Hampshire,
Of the dear old Granite State

Suggested Reading For Most Members Of The New Hampshire Legislature